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Adesewa : Power Of The Seven Witches (chapter Twenty D (finale Episode)

A Seventeen years old girl, with her Witch lifestyle...AT THE SECOND HEAVEN. ONE OF THE ELDERS: Something is wrong. ONE OF THE ELDERS Yeah, it is like your plan is not Working.


ONE OF THE ELDERS: This is almost 4 am. It is obvious that your dear sister is not on our side.

FUNKE: She is still on our side, I believe. If she did not allow Sewa to strick before 4 am, it means she is moving to our plan B.


FUNKE: She seriously wants to look clean in front of Sewa.

ONE OF THE ELDERS: What if she has a plan C?

FUNKE: Let's see.

ONE OF THE ELDERS: I want you all to remember that a young girl has the power of the seven Witches in her, and a witch has the power of a thousand Witches. Which means she has seven thousand Witches in her.

FUNKE: so?

ONE OF THE ELDERS: We should all run. Know one here has any idea about this power. But with the little stories have had from the past, the host decides who will be the host.

FUNKE: What do you mean by the host decides who will be the host?

ONE OF THE ELDERS: Are you trying to scare us all?

ONE OF THE ELDERS: Nope, not at all.

FUNKE: Are you scared?

ONE OF THE ELDERS: No, only if you do it my way.

FUNKE: What is your plan?

21 May 2022, 2:00am.

There was a loud drum beat of war in every Witches coven; all prepared to ascend to the seven heavens. The water witches found a secret way to slink into some other witches' coven, killing them all quietly to save them some little stress. When this information got to Funke, she felt good about it, relaxing as if she had no problem. The lightning in the sky sounds unusual; the attack made by the water Witches on some witch's bass was so surprising, making Yetunde so shocked. She stops every ritual prepared for war in the coven, telling all members what the water Witches are doing at the moment.

Adesewa knew their plans wouldn't work again; she knew there would only be a few groups of Witches standing because the group of Witches attacked by the water Witches were the weak ones. The information she heard and the calculation she did made her understand that the water Witches won't allow any other witches group to ascend to the second heaven without having a fair fight with them.

ADESEWA: Oh My God, I know what they are planning. *All eyes on her at the coven*.


ADESEWA: I don't think the water Witches are only going up there to own my mother; they're going up there to take over the territory also. *BUKOLA, the leader of witches in IJEBU ODE, and some witches laughed at Adesewa*.

BUKOLA: What are you saying, kid. The water Witches belong to some unseen part of the river, and they have been there for decades; also, they draw their strength and power from there, so going up there to claim the dark witches' territory is just a waste of time for them.

ADESEWA: No, the clouds you see are all water, and also, you said they usually do their meetings at the unseen part of the river, not inside the river; believe me, that is what they're planing.

BUKOLA: So why the Killing of Witches In their covens? 


ADESEWA: Nice question. The simple truth is that they are avoiding a lot of blood in the coven at the second heaven. All covens are holy places; they are avoiding war in heaven.

BUKOLA: So what are you planning we should do? *Adesewa smiles*

AT THE SECOND HEAVEN. Mr. Ogunwuyi (Jide) was so surprised and, on the other hand, happy to see his wife thrown in the same prison with him. They both hugged each other, giving themselves a kiss on the chicks.

Mr. OGUNWUYI: What's up? Why are you here?

Mrs. OGUNWUYI: Long story. Yetunde and her sister are planning to do something bad for our daughter.

Mr. OGUNWUYI: Yetunde will never hurt our daughter.

Mrs. OGUNWUYI: One of the reasons I am here was because of that. We seriously need to break out of this prison.

Mr. OGUNWUYI: Have tired; there is no possible way. The hope we all have right now is our daughter.

Mrs. OGUNWUYI: Adesewa 

Mr. OGUNWUYI: Yes, she has the power of seven Witches in her; she is our only hope. AT THE COVEN. *Yetunde called Adesewa secretly, dragging her to a corner of the coven*

YETUNDE: There is something I want to tell you.


YETUNDE: My sister knows your weakness and your strength. So I want you to bring the fight to earth; please don't fight at her coven.

ADESEWA: Alright.

YETUNDE: We all have our specialization, so every witch in you has their own strength and power, as in their ability. You are the host; please don't let the Witches In you control you.

ADESEWA: I don't even know how to use the power.

YETUNDE: Don't worry, the gods will help you. And also, don't kill my sister. Adesewa, Yetunde, and her two elders all ascended to heaven. Immediately when they appeared, Funke signaled to her members, telling them all to leave the coven. Adesewa was busy looking around, wondering how the coven stood without pillars.

YETUNDE: Sewa, please focus.


FUNKE : Longest time Sewa.

ADESEWA: Yeah, it has been a long time Indeed

FUNKE: So why are you all here.

YETUNDE: Please stop the crab; you know why we are here.

ADESEWA: We all come here in Peace.

FUNKE: And I know by now that you also know what I want.

ADESEWA: I can't give you what you want; no one should have that power.

*Funke laughed*


Suddenly the water Witches appeared at the coven; their leader struck Funke with lightning, giving those present at the coven a huge surprise. Adesewa ran close to Funke, teleporting together with her to the earth's surface. The water Witches ensured that Funke's members successfully landed before striking all of them down. There was a rough fight between Funke's elders and Yetunde's; Yetunde was busy taking care of some few water Witches members at the coven. Every fight at the coven stopped suddenly when the shadow Witches appeared; they went straight to where the power of the triplet was kept. Yetunde tried her possible best to get to the triplet power first but lost; she was hit badly by an invisible wind, which caused her some bone fractures and broken ribs. 

Her elders tried to defend Yetunde in fighting the shadow Witches, but they couldn't stand them. They were both badly injured, leaving the rest of the water Witches members and seven elders no choice but to run. Funke was seriously in pain due to the lightning hit, Incantating to regain her strength when Adesewa landed her on the surface. Her mouth was seized due to Sewa Incantation.

ADESEWA: Your sis told me not to kill you, but I am Seriously not seeing no reason not to. Do you know how many people you've killed indirectly? Why? Oh, because of power, right? We came up with a different plan, but we were surprised to see the water Witches, but seriously they save me some huge stress in fighting you. I know you were not expecting the water Witches, but thank God they came. *When Sewa was chatting with Funke, the head of the shadow Witches, Folasade appeared. When Sewa saw her, she was fully ready to fight*.

FOLASADE: Oh wait, I am not here to fight you. I am only here for her. *At that moment, Funke knew what was going to happen to her, so she tried talking, but Sewa was not really focused on her. She moved closer to Folasade, leaving Funke behind her*.


FOLASADE: I seriously don't have time to explain. And fighting you will seriously be a waste of time because I know you will win. So just give me what I want. Two shadow Witches quietly appeared behind Sewa, teleporting Funke away. Immediately they disappeared, Sewa felt.

ADESEWA: Wow, you tricked me.

FOLASADE: yes, I did. I want you to help me pass on important information to all Witches groups in the western region that a new era of government has begun.

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