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Adesewa : Power Of The Seven Witches (chapter Three)

ADESEWA: Power Of The Seven Witches (CHAPTER THREE): A Seventeen years old girl with a witchcraft lifestyle.


Mr. Ogunwuyi walked toward Adesewa's room; she was surprised to see her door locked. MR OGUNWUYI: Haa... Sewa, when do you start having your privacy in this house. Open this door right now. At that moment, Adesewa was still sleeping. She lifted her head off the bed to confirm if someone was truly knocking on her door. She waited for some sec, looking at her door; suddenly she had her mum's voice.

Mrs. OGUNWUYI: I said open this door.

ADESEWA: is the door closed?

When Mrs. Ogunwuyi had Sewa's voice, she was shocked that she was still in bed.

Mrs. OGUNWUYI: I won't be asking you to open the door if the door was opened. Are you still in bed? This is past ten already. Open this door.

ADESEWA: mum, have you forgotten I am seventeen today? I should have my own privacy. Adesewa was too exhausted and tired to stand up to open the door for her mother. So she stretched her hand towards the door and said some incantation, and the door opened.

Mrs. OGUNWUYI: What's up, was the meeting that stressful? Adesewa tried to drive herself up from the bed; as soon as her mum came in and started talking to her, she sat down at the footboard of her bed.

ADESEWA: Kind of mum, we did a lot of activities that why.

Mrs. OGUNWUYI: sorry, dear, I warned your dad not to drag you into this.

ADESEWA: Mum am seriously fine. I enjoy being a witch. Mr. Ogunwuyi came close to her daughter, putting her hand on Adesewa chicks.

ADESEWA: Mum, I appreciate you and Dad for telling me who I was two years ago. Most of my friends don't even know who they are, like Damilola. She thinks she is normal but seriously, she is deep within. Mrs. Ogunwuyi sat down beside Sewa, both facing the door.

Mrs. OGUNWUYI: Oh, so any update about today's meeting? Adesewa looked at her mum with a deep smile.

ADESEWA: mum, you know I can't tell you anything; it is against the rules; you know that you are not one of us.

Mrs. OGUNWUYI: hmmm, I married one of you, your father. So you are telling me you can't update me about your father's we're being. Alright? Mrs. Ogunwuyi stood up in an angry mood and was about to leave Adesewa's room; when Adesewa noticed she was about to leave, she held her mum's arm.

ADESEWA: Mum, you know the rules. But what I can tell you is that SOMETHING BIG IS UP. Something bigger than all of us. Mrs. Ogunwuyi put on a fake smile on her face while looking at her daughter.

Mrs. OGUNWUYI: Oh, I am very sure you all discussed this issue, but know the solution, right?. Wow, nice one, Yetunde. Mrs. Ogunwuyi walked out of Sewa's room so angry. Adesewa was surprised why her mum mentioned her mentor's name; she was so eager to know why, so she tried to follow her mum.

ADESEWA: Is there any problem between you and Mrs. Jeyeola's mum?. When Mrs. Ogunwuyi noticed Sewa was following her, she shouted at Adesewa.

Mrs. OGUNWUYI: Get back; your food is at the dinner table. 10:39 am. She went straight into her husband's secret power room and said some incantations. Facing a plain mirror, trying to communicate with Yetunde. 10:34 am

May 18th, 2022.



Yetunde was in the kitchen cleaning some dishes; suddenly, her attention was cut by the song her son Ayomide was playing on his Bluetooth. Ayomide was playing Asa's MAMA song, using his guitar to give the song more Melody. Yetunde has to stop washing just to follow up with a song. Her love for the song makes her leave the kitchen to meet Ayo in his room. As soon as AYOMIDE noticed his mum was standing at the door of his room, he had to stop the song and the guitar he was playing.

YETUNDE/ Mrs. JEYEOLA: You've really improved. Ayomide laughed.

AYOMIDE: wow, thanks, mum.

YETUNDE/ Mrs. JEYEOLA: So, What are your plans today?

AYOMIDE: my plans? Today is Sewa's birthday, so I will be going to her place by 12 pm.

YETUNDE/ Mrs. JEYEOLA: wow, that's your plan, right? The only plan I think you should be having now is how you are going to pass every single paper in your WAEC ( West African Examine council ), not going out to see someone.

AYOMIDE: Mum, I promised I would be there. She said her dad would miss her birthday today and her mum would be leaving for work by 11 am. She will bore me throughout today; I have to be there.

YETUNDE/ Mrs. JEYEOLA: Yeah, her dad will be missing her birthday today and not only today, for a while. Yetunde said those words in a very low pitch that even her son couldn't hear her. History is seriously repeating itself.

YETUNDE/ Mrs. JEYEOLA: The statement "promise" is just a word; it can be reversed. So tell her Something big came up that you have to take care of it. Ayomide looked at his mum with a cold smile on his face.

YETUNDE/ Mrs. JEYEOLA: What is so funny about what I just said?

AYOMIDE: You once said a promise made is a debt unpaid? Yetunde smiled.

YETUNDE/ Mrs. JEYEOLA: yes, I said so; you cut me right there. So are you the only one going down to her place?


YETUNDE/ Mr. JEYEOLA: Alright, you can go. Ayomide jumped up from the chair he was setting.

AYOMIDE: Thanks, Mum; I love you so much. 10: 42am. As soon as Yetunde left her son's home, she noticed her spirit was being called up; she waited for some seconds and turned her head back.

YETUNDE: hmm. I recognize that voice.

To Be Continued.

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