Adesuwa is about a girl who is almost gone but still living...Come!!! You are safe now, so she thought or so she was made to believe. Adesuwa, come, everything will be fine now. * * * 30 years later.

Adesuwa lived a happy life ever since she heard those words, she had everything at her berk and call, and she was treated like a princess, but not the rude type. She was loved and she felt it, she also showed this love to everyone around her. She got married to the savior of her life 30 years ago, Amadin. Amadin is a very hardworking and wealthy hunter, who always wants new and interesting adventures in the bush, but Adesuwa would always restrain him, begging him not to go too deep into the forest. Before he leaves for hunting, Amadin would kiss and hug Adesuwa and would tell her, " I would be back".    

Over the years he had grown into a fine young man, that typical tall, dark, and handsome man, with his chocolate skin and muscular body physique to compliment with. Adesuwa, on the other hand, was quite beautiful with her light skin, thin waist, and almost perfect body curves to go with it. These two were like a match made in heaven. Amadin was the richest hunter in the village due to hunting being their major occupation, he was the richest man in the village, but this didn't get to his head or his wife's head. They had two handsome boys, Osahen and Osazee, brilliant kids but not spoilt or over-pampered. Amadin and Adesuwa did justice in training their children. Everyone in the village loved this family and the younger spouses emulated them.* * *

One day, Amadin left the house to go hunting and did the usual he did with his wife, a hug and a kiss, and hurried away, Osahen and Osazee also went out to play with their friends as usual. 

Soon some hunters came crying and shouting, " what calamity has befallen us!!", " what have we done to deserve this!!". Adesuwa rushed out of her house to find some men in her compound crying.

Adesuwa: what is going on?!! ( they all continued crying)

Adesuwa: someone please talk to me, why are you all crying? What happened?!!

Man 1: It's your husband, Amadin.

Adesuwa: What happened to him?!!!

Man 2: He..... he ( continues crying)

Adesuwa: He what!!!!, someone should please talk to me!!!. What happened to my husband.

Man 1: He .... is dead!!!! ( Everyone bursts out in tears)

Adesuwa: ( laughs hysterically) what do you mean, Amadin is dead. I hug him this morning and kissed him. What are you saying?!!!

Man 2: We found his hunting equipment where he was eaten by wild animals. He went too deep inside the forest.

Adesuwa: ( breaks into tears) no!! no!!! Amadin!!!

Adesuwa! Adesuwa!!! 

She heard someone calling her from behind. Adesuwa!!!, it's Osahen and Osazee

Adesuwa: What happened to my children?

Woman: They were seen dead on the road!!

Adesuwa: What!!!!!

Woman: It seems like they were poisoned!!

Adesuwa: Ahhh!!! what is left?!! Take me ohh!! Just take me!!!

Woman: please calm down!

Adesuwa: What am I living for again!! Death, come and take me too!!!. How bitterly have you dealt with me this day? You have taken everything from me, come and take me out of this world!!!. I can't live alone. ( Adesuwa continued crying)..... * * *

Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months, months turned to years, Adesuwa still couldn't come to the reality of losing her husband and children on the same day and the fact that she could not even see the remains of her husband except his tools for hunting which she buried in his stead. It indeed gave her a big blow mentally. Adesuwa soon became a shadow of herself as she felt alone and useless. 

She had lost everything, abandoned and forgotten by the ones she catered for. She continued to slip out of reality, hoping and praying for a light at the end of the tunnel, and then she remembered that Amadin hugged her, and kissed her but didn't tell her he would be back.

She burst again into tears...

Osarogiagbon Aisosa Gift 

So Gifted.

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