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Adomiye's Diary.

A summary of Adomiye's life - Everything felt so wrong. At some point, I doubted if I could ever be a better person in this world. I preached self-love, but I hated myself to the core. I never ceased to post my pictures on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Tiktok. And trust me, those pictures looked so beautiful. I always had so many likes, shares, and comments.

I wrote Jamb exams four times before I got admitted into the University . I went for Law but ended up getting Mass communication. It sounds funny, right? I cried so much that I decided to take the jamb exams again. My parents were against it; they had already spent a lot of money on my private lessons and jamb fees. I wasn't a dullard. I scored not less than 250 in all the jamb exams but wasn't given admission. My two younger siblings were already at the 200 level. You could imagine the insults I received from family and relatives. I had no best friend to share my problems with. It was as though the world was against my progress.

I finally settled down to study Mass communication. I got my things ready and traveled down to the university. I was nominated for the course representative position, but I rejected it because I really wanted to focus on my academics. I planned to leave the university with a First Class.No matter how hard I tried; my grades were poor. I even had a carryover in my second semester. At a time, I felt like taking my life, but I didn't know what stopped me.

No one knew that I was dying within. I was always active on social media, getting lots of likes and comments, but it wasn't enough; I still hated myself. I wished I was born like my two younger siblings who were studying Medicine and Surgery at the university. When I got to my final year, things became worse. I was returning from lectures, and I didn't know what pushed me to buy a chemical. I planned to take my life by drinking it.

I cried bitterly before taking the chemical out of my bag when I got home. Just then, I got a notification from Instagram. I checked the message, and I was too shocked to speak. Instagram had verified my account. That was the first time in my life that I cried out of joy.

I checked my Instagram account, and it was not a prank. My account was verified. I think that moment was when my life took a huge turn for the better. On my graduation, I got a contract from a cloth company in London to be their model. That news alone made my day. London had always been my dream country. Things were falling into their right places. From there, I became a huge international celebrity that is recognized around the world.

Presently, I'm traveling around the world, encouraging young minds to never give up on life because they can do much more if I could do it. I'm a living testimony, and you are the next.

Adomiye's diary. 

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