Nuhu Bulus 6 months ago

Soul Unguarded

The feeling kept getting stronger; What was wrong?!; As I close my eyes, only thoughts of a gloomy destiny see;

The feeling kept getting stronger,
What's wrong?!
As I close my eyes, only thoughts of a gloomy destiny see.
Seems the defense has slacked off

As my young brain cells wrestle for an answer
But their counterpart's cells of confusion seem to be taking the win.

I thought maybe a shot could clear the thought.
So I raced down to the empire of the barman,
Only seconds later, be summoned to the bar
And why? for hitting a man in my drunken state.

Ahh, I'm I that bad?
But my poor innocent inner self said to ask the dark side.
Wow, has even my thoughts turned against me? I mused!?
Maybe it's high time I banish it from its dwelling; let's see how it fares.
But how can I live without one?

Then the dark side replied there's an easier way to achieve that and live forever!

What? I instantly responded!
Suicide, he called suicide.
What's suicide? I said.
It's an escape from life's problems where you will be free and won't have to worry no more.
Suddenly as I deliberated,
A voice more soothing than a balm,
As calm as a brook,
Came to my rescue.
No loose guard, he responded,
Your soul travels the path of death,

Because it was left unguarded.

Suicide isn't an escape but the highest form of imprisonment of one's soul,
Where you remain a captive forever tormented in the fires of hell as memories of your vulnerability hunt you, I'd bet you wouldn't want to be there.

Hmmm, then what should I do, I ask?
It's quite simple, he said.
Count your blessings, and you wouldn't wanna miss the next one.

This is just a phase it will pass.

Suicide and depression aren't the ways to handle that emotional trauma
Find reasons to smile, let go of the bad energy, invest in your happiness,
This is the best escape from the worst of depression
Try it. I assure you it never fails to work out.
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