Afiniki My Love

The world's apart, it's sad to say goodbye...Growing up in Kateri was a perfect niche for Emeka. Mazi Ubani is a Bicycle repairer in Kateri. His son Emeka was a smart child, loved by everyone in the neighborhood. Mr. Danjuma out of the love he has for Emeka will always call him my in-law. Afiniki the daughter of Mr. Danjuma was an exceptional beauty.

At the community school in Kateri, Emeka and Afiniki held the post of Head Boy and Head Girl. They were both intelligent and well-mannered; they represented the school in various competitions at the local government, State, and regional levels, winning so many trophies. As the saying goes, "better days seem shorter." The common entrance examination was almost at hand; Emeka and Afiniki prepared for the exams together. They will retire to a solitary place together to read; their goal was to pass the state scholarship to be admitted to a prestigious secondary School in Zaria. Afiniki came from a middle-class family, and her father has landed properties in Kateri; he is well known in the community.

Mazi Ubani is from the Eastern part of the country but has spent most of his life in the Kateri community; his expertise in Bicycle repairs and accessories transcends to other neighboring communities. Mr. Danjuma loves the business ingenuity of Mazi Ubani. Hence the Landlord and Tenant relationship was so cordial. Emeka and Afiniki ate and drank from the same pot; both parents were happy with their conduct and good disposition. On the day of their send forth, the whole school showered them with gifts; the teachers and school headmaster could not hold their tears. They felt like having more time with them in the school; nevertheless, a greater future lies ahead.

The results were out; Emeka and Afiniki came out with flying colors. Three weeks later, the State scholarship board published the names of successful candidates; Emeka and Afiniki won the scholarship. As the news went around the community, Emeka was not really happy. Afiniki noticed that Emeka's Joy towards the scholarship result was greeted with cold acceptance. The companionship they once enjoyed disappeared; Emeka could hardly eat nor drink together with Afiniki anymore. Finally, Emeka decided to share his ordeal with Afiniki. His father, Mazi Ubani, had concluded to send Emeka to Onisha to learn a trade after his primary school education. Mr. Danjuma tried dissuading Mazi Ubani from sending Emeka to learn a trade. After several pleas from Mr. Danjuma, it was obvious that Mazi Ubani was not going back on his plan.

He had already made his plan for his family; Emeka being the eldest, was to learn a trade, Amaka was to become a Reverend Sister, and Chuma was to become a Pharmacist. As Emeka's departure drew closer, Afiniki could not stand the reality of parting ways with Emeka. The feelings they had for each other grew stronger every passing day. To keep this relationship, Afiniki asked Emeka if they could elope, but Emeka was skeptical about the idea. The night the community organized a send forth party for Emeka was the worst night ever for the love of his life, Afiniki. The fateful day finally came; the journey was going to be a very long one.

That afternoon, Emeka had already gone to drop a note for Afiniki; with tears in his eyes, he could only pen down a few words. "By tomorrow evening, my body will be across the Niger, but my soul will be under the Giginya tree with my love Afiniki." Afiniki read the note three days after Emeka's departure to Onisha; she shed her last tears for Emeka and the love they shared. Maybe the love was not meant to be, she concluded and focussed on her dream of becoming a Teacher, but nevertheless, Emeka's memory will live with her through the journey of life.

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