Caleb Ayeni 2 years ago

Africa's Giant

Nigeria is my beloved country; against all odds, I'll still choose her.

I know there was a time when we were described and called the “The giant of Africa.” The times when our leaders did what was best for us and our fellow African countries. Times when we gave aid to countries, even to Britain, without contraries. Times when our voices were heard, with the exception of the military regime. Times when our pride bloomed, when our oil boomed, our gifts and blessings can be seen easily, no need to be zoomed. “The giant of Africa,” so she was called, when her gigantic eyes will look upon the little toddlers crawling all around her, fixing their immature gaze on her. The times when her economy and currency flourished as flowers under the bright morning sun. Those were the times.

I am nostalgic, and I feel this urge within me to travel back in time to witness the glamour of her looks in the past and the flourishing of the flowers upon her head.

But on the contrary, there is a big question in me that bothers me daily when I think in this direction: is she still the giant of Africa? Have her legs not been broken down by the axe wounds of corruption and so many vices? In a way, I think she is losing her glory if she hasn’t lost it. She is losing her pride and high esteem gradually. Her gigantic eyes are becoming dim and blurred in her late 50s; we aren’t old yet as we’re still a young nation. Her broad shoulders are drooping, not raised again as they used to be in her earlier days, because that thing that made her proud is lacking or, better put, reducing at a fast rate. Her mighty arms are becoming feeble like a month-old baby when we haven’t gotten to our expected goal and mark. Her legs are crippling from the worms of corruption eating deep into her skin. Where has the giant gone to? Has she gone to sleep?

It is up to us to determine whether she is dead or alive, asleep or awake, weak or strong. The popular Nigerian hip-hop star, Folarin Falana, with the stage name “Falz,” sang three songs in which the vices of the Nigerian government and her people have been spoken about; This is Nigeria, Hypocrite, and Talk. He was bringing the diverse issues eating up the cells of this African Giant. He also said that the solution is not just found in the government; it includes us also.

The cure to the African giant’s corona eating her up inside is also in our hands to a greater extent. Every Nigerian citizen has a role to play in the revival of the giant. The giant can be revived again if we get up and do the needful; if we think well and straight before electing our leaders who tend to be corrupted at the end of the day, if we can refuse to sell our votes out, if we refuse to be guided by sentiment and insistent tribalism, if we refuse to hail looters in government, if we go down on our knees in prayer to God, if we begin to have faith and love one another, if we refuse to be disobedient to the laws of the land, if we stop giving “offerings” to policemen on the highway, if we rise up and say no to corruption within us because it actually begins with us.

If all these can be done, I believe, and I see the African giant recovering to what she was before she fell ill. We all need to put our hands and raise her up, and she can’t rise on her own; she needs our efforts and helps.

God bless Nigeria!!!  

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