A poetic of expressive love which tales the actions of mankind to halt the barriers that falling 🍁 could bridge. In love should be a solemn reprieve from the hurts and haunts of the evils 👺 ghost 👻 of human beings lest the situation of the victim of circumstances..

Beauty brazen the fraying huts,
Passed her by, heat mellows
Not of the scenery, anger 👨 men
Freighting their wives, hurling at,
Despair faces hugging daughters,
Whom can't 🍛 curry the flamboyant,
Whom scintillating legs have amiss them,
Such their compound, not one August visitor,
Seeking their hands in 💍 marriage,
Even if their gate's width is wide.

I court your cult nitwitly,
Bling fresh ⛲ flourishing,
Me seen as a seeking teetotaler,
Wrecked fumbled heart albatross,
I see your beauty 💅 figurine,
Shaking, rolling your hippy hops,
Striding like goddess gorgeous,
Scenting coloured blues of radiance,
Common to my motherhood,
Uncommon to their motherhood,
Thank Heavens, we talk,
I gave you a flip, you gave me flashes.

If the priest warrants me,
To come to swear at their groove,
That I cast my eyes off you,
For the grandiose heir-prince's sake,
Hinging it on the Gods' insight,
I won't mind repel incite,
Arise at me for my deaf ears,
Just don't buckle if wack,
Just don't chuckle if wait upon,
I will arrive there soon.

When I see you, I gum glossy stares,
I dazed off with kicking doses,
That my eyelids 🔒 locked down,
My heart shut down infantile,
Plane the pandemic mishap,
That can fall man immobile,
Esulalu will be now the culprit,
Culpable of such death, demise,
Not of me now, forevermore.

Let the prince seek you,
I will clutch you off his reins,
If the prince raises his shoulders,
For holding the palace's 🔑 keys,
Salting around for our sacrament,
Me will not dust my feet,
Your father's haven't welcomed us,
The best not the nobles alone,
Every birth golden cry,
Shares of 👄 mouths.

Dream you greasing my back,
Off we eloped frolicking,
Waterfall splash heretical love
Mindless of the prying 👀 eyes,
Lurking for their task-masters,
See You, I altogether,
Let the natural note,
I shall knee in front of you,
To bestow my beads of blossom,
On your shapely neck opal cradle,
Of wick your 👁️ eyelids blink,
Of wedge 💋 lips succulent,
Of where your head's cools,
Holding my rivals to madness,
Nay, mine to love.

Dare them to offset,
To onset their guards,
Maybe sought forcibly,
Latch you in their abodes
I mean 😏 wealthy men,
Whose tact chord incorrigible,
Let the palace attempt strike,
Of you like pricey 🎎 toy,
Hound away in the darkness,
Unveil oddly often weakly,
The Gods not to blame,
A caravan ark blood,
Racks trotting whistle 📢,
Of the fiery-mortals clubs
As a weapon of felons.

The world 🌎 wrought me,
Of all not everything,
Since been born like them,
I can been binge acorn,
Umpire divide lines forte,
We can be happy,
Yet, they are happier,
We can have little,
Yet, they hoard much more,
In all things, hands handy
In YOU, all is mine.

When the stream opens forth,
I see you sitting 💺 still,
Of whatever ☀️ weather,
You still pure radiant,
Your old feeble,
Once your 📐 sketch seams,
You are hearty mine,
To spend my youthful,
To rock my olden memoir,
Of loving howbeit,
Tales said to our breeds,
Especially smitten offspring,
Of how I refused to die,
In the warfare of human likes,
Stand tall, talk,
Just believe my 👁️ eyes,
Of the apples you screen 💻
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