A reflection about Age, living, and death inter-alia demise of man into eternity.Age is just the liberality of fate going forwards but keenly looking, it is always to the beginning.

Where thou hideous,
To come out once,
Oily fresh like morning dew,
Splash at us, been knighted,
Reeking day by day,
Recitating the blues swansong,
That we are a year older.

You aren't fantastic,
If you huddle around,
While our eyes are unseen,
Yet, My lordship,
Isn't You Age,
For if I live or demise,
You are an eluded pointer.
If your wisdom, why me wretch?
At this my present age,
While my bone hack harken,
Much to the dicey dread tomorrow,
Of you coming nearer, nearer,
If you light my path,
Why the world makes foolish,
Of my hesitant, gently hopping,
Not of the desperate alligators,
Whom will stay in bud scalped,
Yet tongue sharp, sting the prey,

Bravo dicey flavor,
Of sweet rhymes heart,
Where beings of humanity,
Celebrated thee tagged cloaks,
clambering systems ticking,
While you led forward willingly,
Yet, we are backward,
To mother Earth 🌐,
Pranked ⚰️ coffins ranked,
Of their numbers of aging.

When a boy,
I latch to Manhood,
Move away cum neighborhood,
Far away in a greener search,
Don't you know, Age?
For Aging is my age,
The rhetoric instill years,
We have left villages,
Much to your counting.

Trance the village flip,
Of the tree square grotto,
Picturesque the ailing children,
Like besotted measles,
like pancakes crowns,
Meeting evening dusk
Gathering ride of the sunset,
Can you hear, AGE!
We have age aging,
Some grunting gone
From heyday trek way off,
To the present abyss requiem,
Of we aging notched elders.
Come not pleading,
For if done shovel naught,
Of the pains of our bones,
Of the feeble of our flesh,
9f the rickety of our legs,
Just being ardently aging,

If thou friendly or for,
If thou familiar or fathom,
Great is our demise,
For our forebears bulwark,
So we kindred surge raging,
Coming into AGE temple,
Who is the lordship, Pope?
We lining turn-by-turn,
Nay our status or social,
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