Agony Of The Little Poor Boy

It portrays a little boy who had nothing but sorrows and pains filled his days

Life has never been easy with me
Sorrows and sadness I dinned with
Troubles and conflicts clustered me around
My heart is at war with my mind

Too many things left on the desk
Each time I remembered the vision I dreamed
I Said, I hope it would come true
But within the deepest heart of mine
I know it's never going to

My heart is at war with my mind
I lost my mind when I lost my world
The day I dinned with sorrow and sadness
The day I thought, I was in the right path
Even though I tried my best, and I didn't have what it takes.

To be there for myself the way I was for others
But one day I will let my life be a way
For others to relate to find hope to get through one more day

Life has taught me a lot
I have decide on two to cope with
Endurance and patience
I must rid off the riddled of mental agony in my body
Every day I see light every where
But I continued to imagine how I survive to see it

I pray to get back to that light
Which I was in the path of love
I'm sorry for hurting the ones that I love
I promise to get back and rise above.
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