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I was wanted dead but God used my friend for me...Aziza has refused to accept my marriage proposal, and it's hurting me! I love her, and I wish to marry her.

My friend Aker, I will advise you to calm down. Which lady in her right sense will want to get married to you? Who doesn't know you? A whole you, Amun Aker of Old Town Alexandria, Egypt. I will just advise you to change your ways so that you can become someone useful, at least to your surroundings, before discussing marriage. Bahiti! Are you any different from me? Wow. Do you think going to the Orthodox Church down the town will change the fact that we are both bad boys? Hmmm. You see, Aker, I am a changed man. I have given my life to Jesus and accepted the life He has for me. I do not practice any of those things again.

Serious? My friend, I also want to change... My mother has been praying for me for a while now so that I can be victorious according to my name. I wanted to change after we came back from prison last month, but my uncle came back reminding me that I was given to my parents by the moon gods and I had to come to the village to dedicate my life to the gods, but I can't, and the only solution I see is going back to being a bad boy so I can deal with him anytime he comes back. Oh! I see. You can't fight spiritual battles physically. Then, anyone in Christ is victorious and need not fight anyone but depend totally on the victory in Christ. Bahiti, I don't seem to understand you. 

Okay! Can you follow me to church? We have served this evening; you will talk with the priest. Okay, Bahiti! I am okay with it. No problem. Any solution is okay by me. But will I be able to marry Aziza? I love that lady, even her name AZIZA meaning Precious. She is precious to my heart. Aker, my friend, if God says so, it will come to pass, but if it's not God's will, it will not happen. I followed my friend to the church, and as if the church was prepared for me, or was it, God? I surrender everything, not minding those looking at me; at least, none of them knows what I am going through. After the service, I confessed everything to the priest and felt light. Peace and Joy filled my heart, pushing away all my fears.

I told my mother about Jesus, and since she didn't want to go back to the village, she accepted Jesus Christ, and everything about us changed. My uncle came back a few months later with charms to harm my mom and take me away forcefully as a moon god priest but thank God for the victory. He left for the village blinded and was left with no choice but to call us and beg for our forgiveness. He told us how he was not happy with my progress as my father's younger brother while his children were not progressing. He then decided to inflict me with the spirit of stagnancy and also deceive me into becoming the village priest to sabotage my future but thank God for my friend, Bahiti, who brought fortune into my life according to his name. Yes, he brought fortune as Jesus Christ is the greatest fortune you can ever have.

We forgave him and prayed for him; he regained his sight and accepted the life of Christ. He is an evangelist in the village, telling others about the victorious God. I take you, Amun Aker as my lawful wedded husband. I take you, Aziza Benjamin, as my lawful wedded wife. You are now husband and wife.

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