The hopeless romantic young woman who's ravished by love for Akintan and wishes for forever by his side.


Akintan, this is not cliche
iwọ ni iwuri mi; this is true
I used to think love was a "maybe."
But then you came as the assurance I needed

Akintan, I have prayed for you. 
I saw your heart yearning for the truth
This is not a make-believe
Can I be the one that brings relief?

Akintan, look into my eyes.
You will only find our love ties
On you, I'll never throw a dice
I am just so certain that you are mine.

Akintan, if the rain falls today, I would gladly dance under it,
It gives me the feeling that I am drowned in your love 
Akintan, if the sun shines tomorrow, I'd make sure to kiss it with my skin
It shows me how your love shines in my heart.

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