Alice In Wonderland

Ding... Dong... Ding... Dong. She wondered why the School bell sounded like a Doorbell And she hated her School

Everyone kindly moved into the hall; school authorities orders I announced as I entered each class respectively, and Claire, the pompous prom queen, passed my side and said something, and in the distance, I heard a sound like the one of broken glass. And I heard nothing else after that, and as the students walked past me, I was surprised I didn't hear, and whispers from them Cause that is their custom. They didn't like me cause I was black and I was taking the whole spotlight, and at every given opportunity, they showed it and made it obvious to me that I was detested As I walked into the hall, the speakers were not on, yet so I went to meet Liam. I did not want Mrs. Puppet to give me another sermon of diligence "Why are the speakers not on Liam." He removed his headphones to listen to me

And I repeated myself, then his lips moved, and all I could do was stare. I didn't hear a word; then I noticed he smiled and used his hand to wave me off. He obviously thinks highly of himself; once Mrs. Puppet comes, I will simply direct her to Liam. He will face the brunt, and then I saw the red-haired dude. Devil's cornflakes with Liam. I don't like Cornflakes cause he is cunning and a snitch. I wonder why his parents named him Cornflakes; Liam said it was because he was born the day his father sold his corn farm to cornflakes producers and made a lot of money from it, and we named him Devil's Cornflakes cause he wasn't a soothing guy but a tough and wicked person. And then I saw Claire with her group "Cinq Chats" Ridiculous people all around.

Hello students !! A round of applause for your best teacher. Those were the words I expected to hear as I saw Mrs. Puppet mount the School podium, and I was right cause I saw everyone else putting their hands together. I was fidgeting and shaking with excitement, fear and anxiety at the same time, and I had cold feet, and then someone pulled my afro hair, and when I turned back. It was Devil's cornflakes, and I was about to face my front when he was looking at me, Muttering words, and was getting redder in the face with anger which I guess was cause I wasn't answering him. Cornflakes Holland kindly keeps quiet!! Came Mrs. Puppet's voice from the podium, and how I knew she said so caused a note was passed to me later in the classroom

And I went through it reluctantly; "You bastard and black goat, you think you are special cause you are going to represent the Country in the World Quiz competition, and that's why you made Mrs. Puppet call out my name in the School hall after you snubbed me and ignored my warning to make you clap into rhythm cause you were clapping out of rhythm I do not like you, so you will be in a deep mess with me, be on the lookout for me, Alice. From the Devil's Cornflakes, I sighed, folded the note, and kept it in my bag; someone brought another note, and it came with a sticky note on the envelope, and the envelope was sprayed with Lily-flavored perfume. I curiously opened it, and I found a letter; Hey Vuyiswa... I closed it; only Liam knows me by that name, and Ubaba, of course.

I ran into the toilet, sat on the Toilet bowl and opened the letter It read; Hey Vuyiswa, I know you are angry cause I told you in the morning when you came to the socials stand to ask if the speakers were working and I said can't you hear??? I shouldn't have said that, and I felt guilty when you walked away without saying a word, and you have been quiet throughout today.

Even in the music class, you kept missing notes, and you know you were supposed to Coach us in Mr. Brett's absence, I am sorry for my actions, and I want to do better for our friendship. I am going fishing with Ubaba tomorrow, and I would like to talk with you immediately I come to your house; I am Sorry for my actions Your best friend ...Liam, I tore the letter,envelope and sticky note which has a smiling face on it which is our logo and threw it into the waste bin and walked out I want to go home and I know all of this madness will be sorted out Ubaba! Uba!! Ubaba!!! I called Father excitedly as I raced the lawn leading to the house, and for as long as I could remember, I had lived my life here.

Even when the letter of evacuation came many times cause of payment of fewer funds and taxes Ubaba will look into my eyes and say; Vuyiswa, God is able, and we never got thrown out, as I stepped inside, I went into Ubaba's Study, and I saw my four-year-old picture; and I could only say how time flies Vuyiswa!Vuyiswa!!Vuyiswa!!! Ubaba called me am sure, but I didn't hear a word, but when he came closer and touched me I turned, and I told him everything then I said; Ubaba play your keyboard for me I would hear, I haven't heard anyone today, and as I speak now I don't know what you sound like anymore And with fear and gloom in his eyes he went over to the keyboard and played it softly, and I saw Mama, and she was calling me, and immediately I held her hand My life left me.

Beep...Beep...Beep... The heart monitor beeped loudly, and I opened my eyes. What happened !!! I asked Ubaba You fainted, and you have a chronic ear condition, but it will be fine I held Ubaba and wept. That was the first time in seventeen years I saw Ubaba in tears, and I couldn't even hear him talk. I saw a nurse come in, and I heard something like adhesive, and I was injected, and soon all I could see were wavy images. Leave me alone! Leave me alone I woke up with a start and stared into space. Everywhere was silent, and it was making me go crazy. What's today's date? I asked the Nurse who ran in. It's the 12th; She said, then realized I was a deaf patient; she got a book and showed me 12th March I had to go. I ran out of the hospital and into the road, and the hospital watchers ran after me but could not catch up with me until they went back to take their car and soon I was caught today is my competition I must win the quiz I want to win the money My Dad has a heart disease I don't want him to die I was screaming !!! And then I was injected again, and now I saw Devil's Cornflakes letters before my eyes when he said he would deal with me And just then I saw Liam bringing the judges to my bed and as I answered all the questions I won And was given the money.

Ding...Dong...Ding...Dong, I heard that doorbell. I woke up and looked around Ubaba! Ubaba!! Ubaba!!! I screamed aloud as he ran in with Liam, but his side as well. Say something, I told him. Okay, what do you want me to say? I was more than happy cause I could hear Ubaba speak, and Liam came close to me Vuyiswa, you have been working so hard for your competition. You barely slept for three hours. What happened!?? I had a Dream, Liam, and as I said this, I was shaking with fear, and now I had to hold Liam tight as Ubaba played the piano and sang, "All will be well" And I ran to Ubaba and hugged him from the back. I hugged him from the front when I won the National quiz competition. I saw a figure move backstage. She looked so much like the woman in my dreams. You could see the shock on my face when I saw the letter with lily perfume on my bed when I got home. I opened it and found Congratulations written in Liam's handwriting. I smiled. I smiled more when his Mother came in with Cornflakes, My dreaded human Liam's younger brother...

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