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I never believed aliens existed until they came to earth one day and took everything I cherished from me.

The radio blasted loudly and the noise could be heard in every corner of the house. Oh, it was my favorite song. I smiled widely as I sang along with it. The clashing of plates, cups, and spoons and the sound of running water filled the kitchen, I was washing the dishes. I raised my head from the chore to the window just above the sink in front of me and outside the window was the big backyard. I chuckled as I saw Greg, my husband playing tag with our two little children through the window. My son, Dylan was so full of energy, he was 10 years old while my bubbly daughter, Eleanor was 7. Their laughs and smiles were music to my ears. I was truly happy and blessed to have them. 

I rinsed my hands with water and left the sink to check on the pot of spaghetti that was boiling over in the gas cooker. I took a spatula and began to stir while humming to the song playing out on the radio. The radio stopped playing abruptly and started making some weird noise. It was a very unpleasant screeching sound that had me pausing my stirring and covering my ears so they don't bleed. I staggered to the window above the sink to calling on Greg and the kids and that's when I saw it. It was huge, it hovered above us and had this ominous feeling around it. I have never seen anything like it. The screeching from the radio stopped and a few seconds of silence had our neighbors gather outside to see what was going on. I left the sink and proceeded to the door that led to the backyard. I was almost at the door when a loud bang was heard followed by an explosion. The impact of the explosion threw me off the ground and I blacked out.***

The smell of burning wood teased my nose and brought me to consciousness. The pounding of my head and aching side opened my eyes and took a groan out of me. The house was a mess. It looked like a tsunami passed through it, the woods and furniture were destroyed beyond repair, and the wires that laid bare sparked without care. I was somewhere in the sitting room covered by big chunks of wood. My head was bleeding and my side ached from the impact of my fall. I tried moving and that's when I felt the sharp feeling of glass digging into the skin on my left thigh. I let out a scream in agony and immense pain. Greg, Dylan, Eleanor. Tears pooled at the corner of my eyes as I replayed the explosion that happened minutes ago in my head. No, they can't be dead. They can't leave me. I hurriedly pushed the chunks of wood on top of me one by one. The movement aggravated the pain of the glass in my thigh but I didn't stop. I needed to find my family.

After I removed the last piece of wood, I struggled to stand but the pain from my thigh made me scream and fall to the ground. Tears flowed down my cheeks at the immersing pain. No, I can't walk like this. I sat up and tore open my already tattered bloody pants on my thigh. The glass was big and too deep. I tried to brace myself for the incoming pain as my shaking hands grabbed the shard of glass that protruded outside. I took in deep breaths as I tightened my grip and pulled. The heart-wrenching pain that followed made my vision darken and made me see stars. I paused as beads of sweat covered my body and my pounding heart struggled to pump more oxygen into my lungs. I took another breath and held unto the glass again. 

My family is waiting for me, they need me. I needed to hurry. I took in mouthfuls of air and tightened my grip again. I pulled and I didn't stop. My screams of anguish rang through the wrecked house and made my head spin. Dark spots decorated my vision but I didn't stop. Blood trickled out of the cut like a stream but I didn't stop. Only when the glass out did I stop. I greedily took in the air to fill up my lungs, my vision returned slowly but I felt weak and worn out. I tore out more of my pants and made a makeshift bandage with it. I wrapped it tightly around the cut as I bit into my lip till it drew blood in a bid to swallow in the pain. I got up slowly and limped through the house to the backyard. The destruction that I met made my knees go weak.

"Greg?... Dylan?.... Eleanor?" I called out in a hoarse and shaking voice as my eyes roamed the place. Litters of bodies were scattered across the land, I could already feel my stomach churn in disgust. I continued to search and limp around. My hope dwindled with every mutilated body I came across. Rounding up the corner of the house, the body I saw made my heart stop for a second. The body had a few burns and the head was defaced but what made my brain ring with familiarity was the clothes the person had on and the locket that hung loosely on his neck. It was Greg, my husband.

At the realization, my legs gave way and I fell to the ground in despair. “G..Gr...Greg?, Hey it's me” My voice shook as I slowly crawled to his side. "Get up, we need to find the kids. They must be so scared right now" I nudged him with my shaking hands. "Get up! Can't you hear me?" I screamed at him as bile rose to my throat and tears flowed down my cheeks. I held his bloodied face and cried. Get up babe, please...It was getting harder to breathe with my choked sobs. How did everything change so quickly? One minute I was happy, and the next minute, I'm bawling my eyes out in front of my husband's body. I don't remember how long I stayed there crying, the sounds of a baby's cry succeeded in shutting me up.

I grabbed the locket from Greg's body and took cover in the side of a damaged car. I peeped through the shattered glass window and saw a man running with a baby in his hand. The man had only one arm, the other had been freshly ripped out, and blood stained his clothes from the bleeding arm. The working arm held a baby around 6-9 months old, it was a girl, her cries pierced through the massive destruction. Behind them were two strange creatures, they weren't human, they wore some kind of armor but their head was left uncovered. I have never seen anything like them before, their head was ugly and creepily arranged. It was like a green round glob with a pair of antennas. They had an oval-shaped big eye that almost covered their face and they also had long elf ears, there was no nose or mouth. I never believed aliens existed, now there were two in front of me.

One of the creatures raised a gun-like weapon and shot at the man. The man immediately froze as if he couldn't move no matter how hard he tried. The other creature moved forward and took the crying baby from him. It placed something on the baby's neck and immediately she fell asleep. It began to walk away when the partner walked towards the man and sliced his head off his body. I covered my mouth to muffle the gasp that wanted to break through, my eyes widened in horror at what the strange creatures had done. They seem to be interested in children. Could Dylan and Eleanor be in their captivity? Only one way to find out.

I slowly left the car and began tailing them. I tried to be as quiet as possible even though it seemed like they could hear my pounding heart. My limping wasn't helping either, my thigh still tingled in pain and my head was still bleeding. Luckily they didn't walk too long, they stopped at a van and opened the back door. I hid behind another damaged car and watched them. What I saw inside the van made my heart sink into my stomach. Inside laid bodies of sleeping children of different ages, they lay on top of each other oblivious of their surroundings. Oh, poor children! They placed the baby inside and jammed the door shut. I thought of how I could sneak inside but was coming up short, the creatures were already getting into the driver's seat and would drive away any second. The sound of a gunshot was suddenly heard, someone was shooting at them. The creatures paused and brought out their weapons, they began to walk towards the source. The perfect opportunity. I lifted myself from my hiding and walked quietly but quickly to the van. The gunshots increased but the effect was futile, a dark helmet covered their heads now and their armor took in the shots without any impact. I opened the door and raised myself into the van and jammed it shut. I breathe in relieved that I got in, I was careful not to step on any children. The shooting suddenly stopped and a minute later, the front driver's door was jammed shut and the engine brought to life.

Our weapons were no match for them. We were no match for them. Humans were doomed. We started moving and only then could I relax. I looked around the van and the faces of the children. Maybe my babies were here. I kept searching till a wristwatch caught my eye. It was Dylan's favorite wristwatch that he wore all the time. I carefully moved to where the wristwatch was and located the body that wore it. It was Dylan. My son was alive. Tears gathered in my eyes, and I raised his sleeping body towards mine. I held him close to me tightly and cried in happiness. Thankfully, the noise of the engine and rocky road drowned any noise that was coming from the van. I checked his body for injuries; he only had a few bruises and burns. Besides that, he was fine but still asleep from the device that latched unto his neck. I wanted to pull it out, but I hesitated; what if they could receive a signal when the device is removed? I decided to leave it for now and search for Eleanor. I searched thoroughly twice, but sadly she was not there. Despite the uneasiness I felt with Eleanor still missing, I comforted myself with Dylan and tried to devise a plan. I will find my daughter no matter what.***

The van stopped after what looked like ages. I laid still and covered myself with some bodies to go unnoticed. The door was opened and luckily the warehouse was empty. The creatures left it open and went out. I used that opportunity to get out of the van and pulled a sleeping Dylan with me. I gave the other children one last look and shook my head in sadness; I wished I could save them all, but it was impossible. I took Dylan and hid behind piles of empty crates. Just as I laid him down, over 10 creatures walked into the warehouse with stretchers. They transported the children on each one, and took them away, then returned with an empty stretcher to take another. They continued until it was the last one, and they started leaving the room; I needed to follow them.

I contemplated taking Dylan with me but waved the idea down, he could slow me down, and it was too dangerous to take a sleeping 10-year-old around. I kissed him on his head, and I pulled the device off his neck and threw it away. Who knew what the device was doing to him. I gave him one last glance and promised to come back for him. I left the warehouse and tailed the creatures. It was very risky seeing how they were creatures everywhere and few objects to hide behind as I followed them further. They entered another building which was larger than the other one. I entered with them and hid behind some boxes. They were many here, and each of them had a task that they did quietly and uniformly. Some took the children from the stretcher and placed them on the moving treadmill that led upwards to some kind of sucking tube that sucked the children in. Along the treadmill before the sucking tube were also creatures who injected the kids with different kinds of chemicals. It looked like they were preparing them and taking them to their planet. What could these creatures be up to?

My stomach flipped when I saw a pink headband moving along the treadmill. It was Eleanor; she was here. If she gets sucked in that would be the end; I can't let this happen. I crawled quietly and followed the trail of boxes littered around. I managed to get to her, but just before I could pull her to me; I felt a pin hit my shoulder. Shit! I was caught. I groan and tried to move, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't. I was somehow frozen in place. Tears stung my eyes as I watched my daughter get sucked in. Just the sound of explosions rang through. The only building around was the Warehouses. My heart stopped. My son, I couldn't scream and thrash around in grief. I could only twist internally in pain and agony. I failed to save my family. In just a few hours, all that I lived for and cherished were gone. I lost them all. Greg Dylan Eleanor The source of my happiness was gone. I couldn't save them. My heart constricted painfully, and I wished I could just die. The pain was just too much to bear. There was no use living anymore. As the creature approached with a knife in hand, I closed my eyes and embraced it. I'm sorry I failed.

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