All I Have

It expresses a yearning for intimacy...My heart yearns for your gentle and warm touch; I want my presence to be overshadowed by your;

My heart yearns for your gentle and warm touch.
I want my presence to be overshadowed by yours.
I want your gentle, tender voice to drift into my soul
And leave me forever mystified

All I have is yours
You gave it all to me
Your breath is my inspiration
My heart is now shaped after yours
Panting, craving, dying for your patient touch
Have and make what you will of it

Oh, the way your eyes gleam
with overarching love and desire
The way you wipe the tears off my face
and fashion a beam from my face

All you have is mine
You gave it all of to me
And I am forever indebted to you
But you don't require anything from me
But my undying attention
In a world of endless distractions

My longing is to always be focused on you
For a clear, unshrouded pair of eyes
And see you for you
Beautiful, Magnificent, Dazzling
Resplendent, Glorious, Unyielding
No one can hold a candle to your light
And with you, I know I'll be alright.
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