All Is Vanity

We live in a world where everybody is busy working tirelessly day and night to be at the apex.

You see, mostly, the reason why 80% of the students are studying in school is in prior to make huge money. Like, they want to 'hammer,' build big mansions, buy new latest cars and chill with the big 'boiz.' What baffles me most are the super talented people among them who use their ability negatively, all in the quest to gain the riches of the world. They find it difficult to see reasons why they have to live purposely and make a meaningful impact on the growth and development of their society at large. I wouldn't know if they've come to stay here on earth forever and enjoy those luxuries anyways. Not too long, an incident happened in an area a few meters away from my residential home. Some unknown gunmen barged unnoticed into a church where they killed over forty members.

After the sad incident and when everything went to its normal places, I began to wonder about the things that would happen to all the victims. Like, what and who would be in control of their earthly achievements. Their children? What if their children were involved, or how about the young couples among them who had yet to conceive any child?. It is just so unfortunate. This reminds me of a close neighbor who, roughly for seven years, we hardly saw. He would prepare so early and go to work before everyone in the compound woke up and arrived late in the middle of the night when almost everyone was asleep. When I finally caught him walking out for work one certain morning, I decided to walk up to him, and I asked why he was always like that. I was aghast when he finally opened up to me. "I have set a clear target for myself, and I have to save up a considerable amount. I'm only left with a minimum of four years to meet this target. Before the next four years, I must have owned a well-furnished house of my own, changed my wardrobe, then got a small car before bringing our wife". He pronounced 'our wife' almost in a whisper.

I was still struggling to force a word out of my mouth before he hurriedly dashed out. Weeks later, some information got to us as regards the fatal accident that occurred along the Ibadan expressway and in which this particular man was involved. Some of the passengers burnt beyond recognition, but he was fortunate to be among the few persons that were rescued. As a neighbor, we were expected to report immediately since no one knew any of his relative's whereabouts. So, some other neighbors and I stood for him in the hospital, where he was rushed to. On reaching the hospital, I couldn't help but weep bitterly at the critical condition we met this man. Although, before he died, he left these few words, which I was chuckled upon hearing.

• For all is vanity; tell others to live their life completely to the fullness 

• For all is vanity; tell them to enjoy each moment and find out what happiness is.

• For all is vanity; the same fate awaits all of us, the rich and the poor. The sage and the fool. And in days to come, we will all be forgotten.

• For all is vanity; tell them to stop chasing the wind and eat from the little they've earned.

Today makes it exactly two years since the man died, and ever since then, I've been feeling indebted for keeping his last words only to myself. But on this day, I feel fulfilled having shared this piece. I wish everyone out there could gather a point or more in order to be resolute and leave a remarkable footprint before they come to the end of their earthly sojourn.

Remain blessed until I write to you again.



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