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The world is full of much hurt, regret, and neglect. Ever felt so alone? Here is a word of encouragement as we go through the story of the little angel.

MY DEAR! I NEED TO SHOW YOU SOMETHING; Those words started conservation that still haunts me to date. His face was laced with confusion and so much anguish. He looked so helpless that I thought within me what he would love to discuss with me. This man happens to be someone I regularly patronize during the Covid-19 period to buy baking ingredients. Sharing this story isn't an easy one. He said, " My four-year-old daughter told me something, and I recorded it."

Playing the voice note to me, I could see tears lace up his face, he looked so helpless that very moment, and I felt for him; not only did I feel for him, I had several emotions boiling within me. I was angry, pissed, annoyed. Above all, I felt this strong push for justice awaken in me. His neighbor had been luring and sexually abusing his daughter, inserting objects in her body and forcing her to all sorts of unimaginable acts. I called the little angel and asked her some questions, she brilliantly answered my questions, but I could see that this beautiful girl was both sad and confused. I mean, she was just a girl. An innocent child who didn't understand the gravity and impact the monster's act was going to have on her in later times. 

That very moment, I thought her brave because she could speak up and report the culprit to her parents and then to me. She told me that the man sternly warned her, yet she still spoke up. She was indeed brave. I am sure that the ordeal she was forced to go through still plays in her head. At that very moment, I knew I needed to do something, so I assured her father that I would speak to my then boss, a Barrister at a firm I interned. When she heard about the case, she directed me to MIRABEL CENTER, a center that takes up any abuse case in Lagos; they are quick to respond to cases like this too. I got their official contact, contacted the center, and gave the due instructions to 'ANGEL'S father. I somehow can't bring myself to call her a victim. She is so much more than that.

He obliged the directives I gave him. Took all necessary steps to bring the culprit to book and got the document to present to the police to secure the arrest of this pedophile. I was excited that he would be properly prosecuted and that that sweet little girl would finally get justice. I even took further steps and met with the chairwoman of the street so that everything would be in place and there won't be cause for the escape of the culprit. She fully assured me, and I just couldn't wait!… The adrenaline pumping through me was crazy! I didn't know that I was in for a huge disappointment.

Everything was in place until the man called me that night to tell me he didn't want justice served again. I didn't understand why, so I went over to his place that night to listen to his excuse. Nothing he said resonated with me. It was crazy! I could not understand any of the reasons he gave. He wasn't scared; he just didn't want his name being spoken about. At first, I thought it was to protect the little girl, her name and all but that wasn't the motive behind him denying her justice. Was I hurt?!!! I couldn't explain how I felt that night, and that was the last time I saw that angel. The man literally stopped talking to me, I couldn't fathom what happened, and I still do not understand.

I knew that little girl was never going to get justice; neither was she getting therapy or help from anyone else. I don't know if she was blamed for what happened to her too. I really can't tell! I cried myself to sleep that night, and I felt like all my effort to help her get closure which I believe should be the first step to her healing, was wasted. She was alone! She had all she needed to have an innocent and beautiful childhood, but she was still alone! Lonely! Unprotected! Uncared for! Maybe unloved! I wondered how she would react after several years of struggles knowing that her parent refused to give her what she needed the most. Their support, help, care, and attention. Am I writing this to spite her Parents? Nope! Neither am I writing this to bring up an argument about whether their decision was right or not.

I am writing this to the countless faceless women out there! Who feel like they are alone in it all. Who feels like their silent cry for help is falling on deaf ears with the people whose help they need the most. Your case might not be the same with my little angel. This is written to women who just need someone to listen to them. To women who are forced to keep the gloomy tale deep inside of them, To women who are imprisoned by the words of people who should have been their very shield! To every woman out there who still can't wrap their mind around their ordeal, who feels confused and left out. To women feeling unworthy, unloved, broken, irreparable, shattered, rejected, neglected, and hopeless. Maybe my words can't touch or cover the range of what you have been through. Whatever it may be, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

For so long, you have lived with the pain. Now is the time to let go, the time to stand tall, the time to look your fears and pain in the face, the time to be you! The time to stand in the reality of your true identity, the time to tell your story, to time to walk out of that prison and bondage! There is much more to you! You are more than what you see! You are beautiful! You are strong! You are a survivor! You are somebody's spec, and most importantly, you are God's beloved! You were never alone to start with. God is calling! He wants you! He wants to radiate his love through you. He wants to show you something about yourself; you haven't been shown before. You are not alone, Amazon!


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