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Alone Admist Unity

Written from experience...In solitude I stand, a lone soul in a crowd; Where laughter intertwines and voices sing aloud;

In solitude, I stand, a lone soul in a crowd,
Where laughter intertwines and voices sing aloud.
Amidst the bustling unity, a stranger I remain,
A solitary figure navigating life's terrain.

Eyes meet in joyous harmony while I'm adrift in thought,
A canvas of connection, in which I'm left unsought.
Yearning for a touch, a glance, a whispered word,
In this sea of togetherness, my voice remains unheard.

The symphony of laughter, a melody of delight,
Yet I wander through the shadows, hidden from their sight.
Invisible threads of kinship, weaving hearts as one,
But I'm the missing stitch beneath the setting sun.

Oh, how I long to dance within their radiant embrace,
To find my place among them, to feel that warm embrace.
Yet destiny has cast me in a role apart,
A solitary actor, playing a fractured heart.

In the quiet of the night, stars twinkle high above,
A reflection of my solitude, a testament to love.
For even in this isolation, beauty does persist,
A reminder of the human spirit, forever in our midst.

So I'll embrace this journey, though the road is often steep,
For even in aloneness, precious moments I shall keep.
And though I stand apart in a world forever tethered,
I'll find solace in the fact that we're all, in some way, weathered.

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