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Always And Forever

Always and Forever tells the story of Chris' love for Jane; a girl he had met during his clearance at the University of Lagos. But does love really last always and forever? Find out in this thrilling short story.

"Hey....hey...just sit, OK?" Chris said calmly, "What...." a drowsy feminine voice tried to respond but got cut short "Shhhh...just sit down, and we will be on our way in no time," Chris replied. He held her with one of his hands on her waistline while the other held her hand as he led her to the only sofa in his one-bedroom apartment. "What...did you add something to my drink because I feel...I feel so light-headed" "Just relax, and I will explain everything on our way.." "You...you evil..." Her voice trails off as she tries to hit him to get away from her. She tried to stand up, but like a puppet being controlled by imaginary strings, she slumped heavily on the chair. "I have told you to chill. It will all be over soon" She did not try fighting back as it was obvious that whatever he had given her to drink was having its effect. However, Chris doubted if the effect would hold out for so long. He took a long hard look at her as her bosoms went high and low due to her breathing. 

He swiftly shifted his attention when he heard a sound from outside his window. He made his way to the window, shifting the curtain a little bit to check who was out there. It was his neighbor Mr. Kola and his wife. This was practically the moment he had been waiting for. He needed Mr. Kola to leave before moving to phase two of his grand plan. But at first, he was a bit worried about whether Mr. Kola would leave his apartment at all. Though his neighbor was a peaceful man that was known to mind his business, Chris did not want anyone to notice him. And, since he moved into the compound, he knew Mr. Kola only ever left the house on Saturdays by noon. It was probably for parties or weddings, but Chris never cared to know since it was not his business to begin with. He only knew Mr. Kola worked from home because of Nonso, the compound's chatterbox. "Chrisssss..." He turned to look at Jane. She was indeed a fighter, and this was why he had to leave for plan B as soon as possible. Chris picked up a blue shirt from the clothes folded in his wardrobe, then proceeded to pick up Jane's handbag. His eyes spotted the half-opened yogurt at the corner of his bed. Without much hesitation, he picked it up and dumped it in the waste bin behind his kitchen door. Before moving towards Jane, he looked outside the window to check if Adam, the gateman was back. Adam was known to leave every Thursday to be back by Saturday. His real name was Adamu, but due to his jovial nature in the area, he was happily called Adam. No one knew where he always left his job and traveled to, but thanks to Nonso, Chris was aware that Adam had two wives and eight children. And, when he was not around carrying out his duty, he was rotating his time with his polygamous family. 

Since there was no sign of Adam, Chris gently raised Jane with one of her arms across his shoulder and one of his hands holding her waist. "Get...get away from me...you..." "Shhh..." Chris quickly moved towards the door; he successfully opened it with his slightly full hand and then made his way outside. While outside, he made his way to his car but turned his head around suspiciously to check if any of his neighbors were home. He knew they were not, but one could never be so sure.  Immediately he placed Jane on the front passenger seat; he fixed the seat belt, so she did not have to slouch forward, thus hitting her head hard on the dashboard. He sprinted back to the apartment to lock his door, and immediately he tried getting into the car, but his compound gate swung open. He was scared a little bit but breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Adam and not Nonso. If it were to be Nonso, he knew the chatterbox would have either finished him off with some crazy stories he surely had no interest in listening to or, worse still; he would have asked to join them in hanging out. 

If there was someone that did not know how to read the room, it was Nonso. And even if the writing on the wall was as clear as day, Nonso would have ignored it, claiming it was not legible enough. 

"Ah oga...Good afternoon oh...be like you dey commot" Adam's greeting jolted Chris back to reality as he placed one leg in the car. "Afternoon, Adam" He quickly entered the car while Adam opened the gate. As he drove past Adam, he had to slide down his window since Adam was saying something inaudible. "what?" "I been dey ask whether that na madam?" Adam asked gleefully. 

Another reason why Adam was known in the area was that he tried to get acquainted with everyone. For every girl that visits any of the male tenants, Adam was eager to know if it was "madam." "ehn Yes...but she dey sick...make we quick reach hospital" Chris hurriedly took the window up and only managed to hear Adam uttering some words of prayer.  As he drove towards the main road and out of his street, he hit a bump, and this woke Jane up again. If not for how seriously drowsy her eyes looked, Chris was scared for a second that the effect of the pill had worn off. "Why...why don't you just take me home?" Jane asked as her head slightly bumped the headrest. "home?" He gave a wry smile and continued. "We will be home soon, but probably not the home you want to be in" "why...wha...why exactly are you doing this?" she asked again, trying desperately to stop herself from being controlled by the effect of the drug. "Why am I doing this?" He asked himself, then continued. "ever heard the saying that goes: if I cannot have you, no one else can?" "What????" She tried to scream. *****

Jane and Chris met during their first year at the University of Lagos. And while Jane thought the first time Chris ever saw her was in their 10 AM class, THR 112, he made it known some months after they had become close friends that he had indeed seen her during their clearance.  According to Chris, he was standing outside the office of the coordinator whom they were to drop their files with when suddenly, the door swung open. He was shocked to be standing face to face with the prettiest girl he had ever set his eyes on. It was Jane. It was obvious that she had successfully submitted her files and only walked away without even realizing that someone was staring hard at her. "Guy...is it not your turn to go in?" a voice asked. It was that voice that brought Chris back to Earth. And as he made his way into the office, he could not help but imagine how amazing the world would be if he were to date a girl like her. But, he never saw her after that fateful day, plus he neither knew her name nor her department.

But, call it luck, the Universe, or God, something was surely on his side when he walked into THR112 and found her standing in a corner talking and laughing with a boy and another girl. Chris did not want to thank his stars just yet until he knew for sure she was in his class. However, he calmed his nerves when the lecturer walked in, and everyone took their seats, including the mystery girl. Before the end of the day, he got her name, not from her or the lecturers but from the guy who was with her when Chris walked into the class. Those living on campus had already met themselves, and groups were starting to be formed. Chris panicked on the first day of classes when some of the guys kept mentioning Jane's name when talking about the cutest girls in the class. But, as a calm yet sharp guy, he swiftly aligned with the guy Jane was talking to initially. Even without aligning with him, their paths were meant to cross because their rooms happened to be on the same block in the boy's hostel. Luckily for Chris, he got to talk to Jane and even made her laugh. When classes were over for the day, Jane, Frank, and the other girl she was with, Anna, all saw Chris off to the gate since he was not fully on campus yet.

From then onwards, Chris' clique comprised Anna, Chris, Jane, Frank, and Obinna. Even when they did not sit together, they all met up after class. But unfortunately, Chris was about to get his heart broken even if Jane thought of them as nothing else but just friends. From one random talk to the other in the hostel, Frank revealed to Obinna and Chris that there was a three hundred level guy asking him questions about Jane. Chris jokingly asked, though serious deep down, if Frank told the unknown guy that Jane had a boyfriend. "boyfriend? Which boyfriend? Jane is as single as the letter S that starts the word. You sef...did she tell you she has a boyfriend?" Frank asked. "No, oh...I only thought she had now since almost everyone in that class claims to be in a relationship," Chris retorted "anyone sha ...that is their business. My business right now is on Anna. Damn! That girl is set," Obinna spoke up. "Mumu...better find another business. Because I have been seeing her movements with Peter Law," Frank sharply replied. "Peter Law? Wait...wait...the Peter Law guy?" Obinna asks in shock.

Frank replied in the affirmative. Peter Law was a four hundred level student that was feared by a lot of people. People claimed he was a cultist and have even heard him brag about it, but nobody could confirm how true it was. However, he was called Peter Law because there was a dreaded menace in the hostel, also known as Peter. It was a no-brainer to add Law to Peter's name to differentiate both of them. However, there was barely any difference in attitude between both people. Chris' worst fear came to pass when Jane began dating the three hundred level student called Oscar. And when Chris finally moved into the campus, the only time he got to spend with Jane was in class, rehearsals, and whenever the whole gang had lunch together. Chris had no choice but to enjoy the little moments before she left them to hang with Oscar. While he successfully hid his feelings from Jane, Anna saw through it all. One night after their rehearsals, he opened up to Anna about his feelings for Jane. And though she was with Oscar, he could only settle on being friends with her. However, he made Anna swear she would never say a word about their discussion to Jane until he somehow summoned the courage to tell her on his own. As Jane's friend, he listened to all her complaints about Oscar, and he could not help but wonder why Oscar was fumbling the bag badly. 

Much like his prayers were being answered, Jane and Oscar broke up after dating for one semester. Their breakup was due to constant fights, which no one ever tried to understand. However, one thing nobody said out loud was that Jane was a teeny weeny perfectionist that always wanted things to go her way though she behaved like that was never her intention. 

To the best of Chris' knowledge, Jane stayed single for the rest of the second semester, except for the time she almost had a fling with Frank. Chris did not utter a word because he did not want to ruin his friendship with Frank, and since Jane was practically giving him some attention, he did not want to ruin things with her either. Once again, the universe or luck was about to shine on Chris when Jane went over to his room to pick up some materials she needed to take home for a holiday. In order to impress Jane, he hurriedly washed the plates he used in eating the previous night and changed his sheet though he was leaving campus that day. He wanted everything to be perfect since she could probably start hanging out in his room more often, hopefully. When Jane got to Chris' room, they talked about random stuff for a while before the awkward silence took over. With barely anything left to talk about, Jane focused her attention on her phone. Chris could not help but admire her at that moment and only shifted his gaze when it felt as if she would turn in his direction at any moment.  

While she was not looking, he took a mental note of her. Jane wore a black gown that was pretty tight on her body though she was breathing fine. The gown exposed her fair thighs, and Chris could only imagine how soft they would feel to his touch. His eyes darted towards her chest region, and though they were pretty small, he knew they would be perky just as he liked them. Suddenly he summoned the courage to ask her. "Can I kiss you?" "Huh?" She asked, laughing. "I... I asked if I could kiss you?" "Umm...weird but OK" Chris was taken aback and excitedly shifted towards her while she laughed. He knew she was shy. Jane would nervously laugh when she was feeling shy. Within seconds, he placed his lips close to hers while she opened her lower lips slightly to welcome his. While they kissed, Chris gathered the courage to touch her thighs. They were as soft as he imagined, and this gave him an instant erection. The kiss got more intense, and he asked if they could have sex, and she answered in the affirmative; however, she stopped abruptly. "Didn't you say you were a virgin?" "err, yeah, I am," Chris answered. "And you don't mind losing it to me or something?" "I don't see the problem there" "hmm... OK"

He stood up to get the condom Obinna had shared with the guys during the start of the semester. But, Jane started laughing when he was confused as to how to put it on due to how oily it felt. He gave up and proceeded to have sex for the first time in his life without a condom. Since she understood she was dealing with a virgin, Jane led him towards her sweet spot and left him to perform his magic. For Chris, everything was as warm as Obinna and Frank had described when talking about their sexcapades, and he knew it only felt heavenly because it was Jane. However, nobody told Chris that if the honey was overly sweet, there would be a leakage within seconds. Luckily, he quickly pulled out and grabbed his towel to clean up while Jane dressed up.  "so..umm...we will talk, I guess...need to be on my way home" "Oh... OK," he replied more like a whisper as he was still amazed at all that just happened. During the holiday, Chris and Jane chatted a whole lot, and by the time they were heading back to the school for the new session, he was ready to make her his girlfriend. Jane was adamant at first but later accepted. Meanwhile, this caused a rift in his friendship with Frank since Frank had always been open about his interest in Jane. Chris did not exactly mind the rift so long as he was finally with the love of his life. More so, dating Jane was not exactly a walk in the park-like Chris expected it to be. He was fond of getting extremely jealous and insecure whenever she was giving attention to other guys. Chris even got jealous when the guys in the class that was not exactly his friends talked to her. Aside from that, he always tried restricting her from hanging out outside the campus with her friends, including female friends. "Are you freaking kidding me? Like are you for real? Is it that you do not know Anita before or what? Jane asked angrily. "I didn't say I don't know her na..but you know how these your friends are?" "How are they, sir? Because whenever I want to hang out with my friends without you, that is the only time you remember how they are. I don't even get it. Did you see them engaging in prostitution, or did they steal something from you?" "But you know how these hangouts can be. Next thing guys will be all over the..." "Oh please, so that is your problem? Guys will be all over the place because they will force me to follow them, yeah? Please, I'm off to my room; I can't stand this," she left angrily. 

This was one of the many arguments Chris had with Jane whenever she was to leave the campus premises without him. Surely he could not hang out with her friends, who always gave him a crazy look, but he always succeeded in making her miss out on these hangouts because she would get too angry to bother dressing up to have fun. When Chris was not getting Jane mad enough to stay back in school, he would delete contacts of guys he felt were a threat to their relationship on her phone, without her knowledge. Then he would listen quietly as she ranted about how contacts keep disappearing from her phone. On some days, he would read through her chats, and if there was a message someone sent that she had not seen, he would delete it. These actions of Chris made Jane lose some opportunities, especially when she had an interest in modeling. When addresses or numbers to call were sent to her phone, Chris would delete them before the day she needed them. Or, if he gets to see the message before she does, he would delete them, and she would simply think maybe she was not needed anymore. 

One time, Jane had enough and tried to break things off, but Chris claimed he was sick of a heart problem. He tried to convince Jane that he had been treating the problem for years and was rushed to the hospital due to the sudden pains he began feeling when she ended things with him. 

 This made Jane endure the relationship for a while longer, but she always knew she could not displease herself anymore for someone who was so dramatic. After one more semester of dating a jealous freak, she called it quits. She told Chris she needed time alone to find herself and that she was not in the right frame of mind to date anyone. Chris claimed to understand but still tried his best to make her see reasons why they could keep dating as she discovered things about herself. 

This request was met with a resounding no, and from that moment on, he focused on being her friend. Like Jane, he did not date anyone else even after they left the University of Lagos. Even after graduating, the friendship continued though it was more of Chris constantly reaching out while Jane only responded in order not to be seen as rude.

After their service year was over and everyone tried adjusting to the real world, Chris got the news from Jane that she had met someone and was ready to pursue a relationship that could lead to whatever amazing sunset the universe had for her with this new guy. As expected, this news drove Chris mad. His friends tried to talk him out of his obsession with Jane, but he claimed he was not obsessed. To Chris, Jane was the one, his soul mate. And if she could not see it, he did not mind waiting for 24/7 for 365 days until she understood she was meant for him. And when he got the word from Anna that Jane was serious about the new guy, Chris invited Jane over to hang out for old times' sake and nothing more. He claimed he was over her and just wanted to drive around town with his old friend. *****

Chris watched from the corner of his eye how Jane struggled to stay awake. It did not come much as a shock to him because he had only broken one sleeping pill into two and melted just a bit of one half in the yogurt she had at his house. She did not ask him why the yogurt was open already, though he would have claimed he was drinking it. He kept stealing some glances at her, admiring the woman she had grown to be. Jane was not as skinny as she used to be back in school, and she was still as pretty as ever and would win in a landslide victory for the most beautiful lady Chris ever set his eyes on. "Why are you doing this?" Jane asks as she drowsily opens her eyes and could only whisper, "Really? Why am I doing this? I have always loved you, Jane. I have always freaking loved you, but no way...my love was never enough for you, even back in school.

You would prefer to hang out with those silly friends of yours. And oh...what was the reason you left me again? To find yourself...find yourself, Jane? Did you go missing, and I was not aware? He pauses as he aggressively honks at the tricycle that suddenly stopped in his way. "all...all I have ever wanted was to be with you. I went through so much to prove to you that you were all I needed, but you were too damn blind to notice. Remember my friend Tega you met in Abuja? The one who organizes shows and runs a bar. I did everything possible to convince him not to give you the assistant job," he continued, "what?" She manages to utter though faintly, "don't you think working with him would get him interested in you? Who would want that, huh? And why would I risk that?" "you are..." her voice fades off. "I am what? Obsessed? Everyone has called me that for years. And so? What did I get for being so obsessively in love with you? Nothing. Now you want a guy you barely even know. I was ready to give it all for you...every single thing Jane."

Tears swell up around his eyes as he swerves to another part of the road. It was one-way, and he was not supposed to drive there. "Let...let me out..." Jane pleaded faintly like she had an idea of what he was about to do. "out? Yeah, we will be out soon. If you cannot be mine now, why don't we see if maybe we will be meant for each other in another life? Maybe just then you would understand how much I love you" With this, he began driving at full speed. He could see Jane struggling from the corner of his eye. Chris did not plan on ending it this way; he wanted her to be asleep, to feel no pain. But Jane was a fighter, and he was nothing but the biggest loser who was obsessively in love with a girl who had no feelings for him. "Please...let me..." And those were the last words he heard from Jane as he let go of the steering. He let the car move speedily towards the parked trailer. He was quick enough to hold her hands before the impact occurred. It killed them instantly. For Chris, if he could not have Jane, then no one was deserving of her love. *****

The End.

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