I'm From Charcoal

The night is my shadow; Black is my identity; Charcoal is my carbon copy; I am a woman of sturdy;

The night is my shadow
Black is my identity
Charcoal is my carbon copy
I am a woman of sturdy

Woman of the old
Granny aged thickly with coal
Source of wealth than crude
My solace lies in the wood

I am a dark grey
No matter what ticks the clock says
Smokes garnishes my flesh
Black breeze makes me fresh

Dancing flames around the cookhouse
Wingless children suck aroma like a louse
Reddish porridge on the alter of charcoal
Happiness now and beyond control

When you see me in town
Don't say I am a clown
Black made me brown
Now, Age has grown

On the bed of memories
I smile with white tears
Granny's words still glitter
"Charcoal is black, not bitter"

Do good;
Charcoal dies with impact
Still, nothing can counter
When burnt, No equal barter

I'm from charcoal
Woman of the old
I am dark grey
My solace lies in the wood.
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