AMOR: Give me your apple and go hungry that's how to show you love me...

Give me
And let me live
Cause if I don't receive from you
It doesn't show that you are captivated by me

I have given you all of my apples
And which you consumed with relish
Why can't you give me shelter from this rain under your umbrella?

I can't let you under my umbrella
You haven't given me enough apple
I will go to the fruit man who will give me oranges, pineapples and lots of apples

You rogue and Cheat
Provide my fruits
Or you will be disgraced

Haaa!!! You have punctured my umbrella
Take these are the apples I got from my fruit man

No!! I want those exact apple
I gave you
You daughter of Eve

Blood! Red blood
You will bleed
For destroying my umbrella
Fruit man pass me a knife

Alas!! Am dying
Love kills and poisons
Tears for my grave

Murder oh Fruitman don't leave
Oh am alone
Oh!!! Lonely days
Gloomy days ahead
Light and love come
Oh!!!! Murder
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