An Effective Sales Funnel In Africa

Sales Funnel is a careful process that is followed to get to a destination in view. And it is very Paramount that business owners channel the right steps to ensure that their products or services don't end at the production stage, but that the products get into the hands of the prospects.

The way a physical funnel is designed is also relatable to the way business owners view the sales funnel, which means that the top part, which is very wide, is seen as the large people who are faced with problems that your product is channeled into solving, also, the people that know about your product or service are also found at that large part. And the bottom part, which is very narrow, relates to the few people that decide to buy the product.

Ultimately, each of your products is meant to be sold, not just be known, which also means that some strategies need to be carefully considered to achieve the end result of sales.

Sales funnel steps to effective sales.

The very first step to an effective sale of a product is the stage of getting people to know your product which can help solve the problem at hand. At this stage of awareness, adequate information needs to be provided for people who are just visitors to your site to know that a problem exists. Then you inform the people about your product which is available to solve the problem, in this course, you could tell them about your competitors and other distinct benefits that your products provide.

After the first stage of telling people about a problem and your products, the solution, the prospects begin to consider the solution you have to offer. Inform them of the offer that will appeal to your visitors, like a giveaway, free shipping, and promotion. Here, you would have to build a good relationship with them, making them develop trust in your products. 

You can imagine what will be running in the mind of your prospects; the way you can win the trust is by providing answers to their questions with immediate answers through telephone calls which is very effective. Statistics revealed that 92% of sales pros give up after the 4th call, and 80% of prospects say " No" 4 times before saying "Yes."(Marketing Donut). Testimonials from others that have used your products will also convince them to trust your products.

The final stage that will lead your prospects to buy your products is the action stage. This simply means that your push took them to that narrow end of the funnel, where they buy your products, and you, in turn, make your sales.

Getting to the action stage is not the final end, but the continual following up on the customers so as to retain them to become your loyalist and advocacy cannot be overemphasized. You can achieve this by helping them with other assistance like fixing appliances and others. Retaining your customers is necessary because your loyalists will help you market your sales.


Getting people to know your products can be good, but the most important is that the prospective customers buy the products, which can be attained by following the steps above and not leaving the part of retaining your customers who will, in turn, market your products to people to buy.

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