An Interview With Mr David

A scheduled meeting organized to interview Mr David on matters about issues of life of young people.

Right about the early hours of the third Tuesday in the sixth month of the year: 'Two thousand and twenty-two,' I reached out to Mr. David, an experienced coach, and therapist on matters concerning young people. "Hello, Good morning, Mr. David. How are you doing, Sir? Please, Sir, I would like to have a discourse and also interview you today if time permits you. Sir, kindly get back to me with any convenient time that suits you and your plan.

In less than forty-five minutes, he got back to me with a time and venue adequately convenient for him. So when the fixed time clocked, we were together at the venue, and the interview commenced in earnest.

Interviewer: Sir, please introduce yourself.

Mr. David: I am Mr. David Eze, the CEO of the Young People Initiative Program (YPIP), founded in 1998, currently with five branches and a headquarters in Scotland, where I reside with my family. All five branches can be located in Kogi, Ebonyi, Rivers, Lagos and Imo, respectively.

Interviewer: What is the Young People Initiative Program (YPIP) all about?

Mr. David: The Young People Initiative Program (YPIP) is a program established to address several behavioral traits particularly unique to youths. These traits include but are not limited to youthful exuberance, vices such as drug addiction, pornography, cultism, cyber fraud, political thuggery, and so on.

Interviewer: Can you briefly talk about the aforementioned list?

Mr. David: Ok, firstly, I'll start with youthful exuberance. This, in its simplest form, is the anxiety that accompanies growth from infancy to adolescence. Young people tend to have this feeling of doing certain things that were erstwhile restricted from them. There is a sense of exploring the yet unexplored that comes. Most times are leading them to an unexpected horrible end.

Interviewer: Now briefly talk about drug addiction

Mr. David: It is no longer NEWS that there is a hike in the reports of rape cases. A higher percentage of culprits are known to be under the influence of certain hard drugs. This is common among youthful peer groups who prioritize the consumption of hard drugs, which resultantly become irresistible.

Interviewer: Now give a debrief on pornography

Mr. David: A popular saying goes thus, "An idle man is the devil's workshop." Research has shown that more than eighty percent of people addicted to pornography usually have nothing of huge importance to do on the internet with their mobile devices, but still, they keep surfing the Net until a force drags them to sites where evil emanates. Once this happens, it usually becomes tedious to abstain. Youths fall victims, too, especially during periods of fewer activities, such as Universities strike actions where unemployed youths sit idle at home with companion mobile devices.

Interviewer: Say something about cultism, cyber fraud, and political thuggery

Mr. David: There is another saying that goes thus: "There is no smoke without a fire." This simply implies that cultism itself has petty elements that graduated to become cultism. These elements include the formation of a peer group with a common agenda, the creation of a coded language that is spoken and understood by members of the group, and so on.

Now let me talk about Cyber fraud. This stems from the unexplored things that some young people deem right to venture into. Some come as a result of peer pressure, while others sprout from a bid to emulate their so-called mentors. For the political thuggery, it is most visible amongst uneducated youths.

Interviewer: What general solution do you offer through the Young People Initiative Program (YPIP) to remedy these listed vices.

Mr. David: With the help of my deputy and regional coordinators, we are sensitive young people on various ethical subjects, ranging from moral instructions, societal relevance, etiquette, and formal education to less privileged youths and, most importantly, spiritual exercises such as prayers.

Interviewer: Thank you, Mr. David, for making out time to sensitive and educate young minds today. Hope to hear from you soon.

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