Ancestral Youth

Children are the leaders of tomorrow; A song I innocently sang without sorrow; From the days of innocence;

Children are the leaders of tomorrow
A song I innocently sang without sorrow
From the days of innocence
Before I was ripped off my innocence

Maybe I got it very wrong
Cause for so very, very long
In my forties and my immediate
In their fifties and maybe late

We remain, very little children
In the greedy eyes of our brethren

The ones in their seventies
With spouses
In the setting eighties
And daughters; in the rising sixties

An Intricacy of identity 
From high men of morality

And so they cling to power
Like a pig taking a shower
Or the bees on the nectar of a flower
Feasting within the very first hour

Children are the leaders of tomorrow
A simple song, sung to shrink our sorrow
Cause with ancestral youths
Absent ability to speak the truths

There is only sorrow
In our tomorrow
Lest we overshadow
The tricky reflection of their mirror

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