And Finally, I Said Yes!

When the person you love begin to show some attitudes, it's really heartbroken.

"I don't care what you want to do," he said and left me in the bedroom. "Ola, Ola," I called him, but he refused; he just left me and went to the living room. I followed him immediately, "So, this is what you want to do, right?" I asked angrily, "I know you didn't love me before; you are just pretending, and don't worry, everything is going to end between us soon," I said as I carried my bag and left his house. As I was walking from his house to the bus stop, all sorts of things were just coming to my mind. Why does Ola always get angry anytime I talk about marriage? The last time we had a conversation about this issue was about five months ago, and at that time, he also changed the matter to something else for me, and I had to beg him before we resolved the issue later.

But the thing is, Ola and I have been together for five years now. I met him that day at a friend's party, and since then, our love story has been great. Then, I was just twenty-two, and Ola was twenty-seven. Ola loved me, and he showed it to me. I also loved him too, but this love has been experiencing some drawbacks lately. As a woman, my parents have been asking me when we are going to get married or are we not planning for any marriage at all. They used to ask me this because they know Ola very well, but how will I tell them that the man they know with me is never ready to get married at all. But whenever they ask me about this question, I will just tell them that we are planning it, and I will let them know soon. And the truth is this is a lie. But lately, this lie doesn't work anymore; the pressure is now even getting beyond what I can cope with. But the truth is, even if my parents are not putting pressure on me, why is Ola always getting upset whenever I raise the issue of marriage. At least a five years relationship is not too small to lead to marriage now.

And moreso, in two months' time I will clock twenty-seven, I'm not getting younger anymore, and I used to hear people saying that the time of a woman doesn't take long before it goes. So, what I have decided is that if Ola disagrees with me this time, I will not even bother to reconcile with him anymore, I will just close his own chapter in my life, and I will move on. But as I got to the bus stop that day, something came to my mind. Maybe I should go and report him to his mum before I take any serious steps? Because if she later heard about this, she might get upset with me and moreso, the woman is a very good person to me. So, I changed my mind that day, and instead of taking a bike home, I took the bike to his mother's place. When I got there, I greeted the woman very well, and she also responded to me very well. "What happened to you, Odun?" she asked me. "It's Ola ma," I replied. She asked me what had happened, and as I began to talk, I was just crying.

The woman drew me closer and asked what Ola had done to me that was making me cry. I explained everything to the woman, and I told her about how many times I have asked Ola about marriage issues and how he used to change the issue for me. I also told the woman that I'd made up my mind that I would leave him and move on with my own life. I told her that I had just come to tell her, so she would not see me as a bad person when she later found out that I had left her son. The woman begged me that day; she told me that I shouldn't mind Ola. She said I should not worry about the issue anymore, that she would call Ola to come and see her, and she knew that everything would be fine. She told me not to cry anymore, that she would make sure everything worked out perfectly. I thanked the woman and left the place that day. That day was Sunday, so on Wednesday, I received a call from Ola's mother that she had talked to Ola on the phone, and he said he would be coming to her place that day. She said if I had the chance, I should come, she told me that I should come around 5:00 pm and I told her that I would come. By 4:00 pm that day, I told my apprentices that I was going somewhere and I was not sure if I would come back to shop that day, so I told them that if they didn't see me on time or if I didn't call them until 6:00 pm, they should close the shop and go home. I left my shop for Ola's mother's house and exactly by 4:30 pm I got there. When I got there that day, I saw the woman preparing something in the kitchen, so I joined her and helped her to finish what she was doing.

By ten minutes before 5:00 pm, we were all done, and we sat in the living room talking about random things; then, we heard a knock on the door. "Who is that?" the woman said. "It's me, Olaotan," the person at the door answered. "Ah, my beloved, you can enter; the door is not locked," the woman said, and the door opened, and Ola stepped in. As he saw me, he paused for a while and then frowned his face at me, but I didn't care. Then he advanced to where his mother was sitting. He prostrated and greeted the woman. When he gets up, I am aroused and move closer to him to greet him, still frowning at his face. "Ola, how are you?'' I asked. "I'm fine, thank you," he said without even looking at my side. I looked at the woman, and she signaled me to calm down, and I went back to where I was sitting. Ola also sat beside his mother. "Ola, it is your girlfriend that came here on Sunday and told me some things," the woman began. "And she was even crying as she was telling me, Ola, why are you treating her like that?" The mother said. "Mummy, I don't really mean to hurt her feelings," Ola said, "but you see, Odun is just giving me pressure on this marriage stuff, every time she will just be asking me are we not going to get married, like as if marriage is that easy" "If marriage is not that easy, still, one day you will surely get married, and even if you are not ready to get married, for now, you shouldn't change it for your girlfriend, you should have spoken with her in a very calm voice, you know she's a woman and let me tell you she's doing the right thing, so make sure you know what you are doing," the woman said. "I understand you, mummy, and I promise it will never happen again," Ola said. "So, Odun," the woman said as she turned to me, "kneel down now and beg Ola that you are sorry for what happened" I did as the woman said, and finally, Ola smiled.

He even lifted me up as I was trying to kneel down before him, and we hugged. "Ehn ehn, that's how a good man should treat his woman," the woman said. "So, now, Ola, as your mother, I'm telling you right now that I don't want you people to have any issue about marriage anymore. So, please, my beloved, try and consider what Odun is asking you," the woman said. "No problem, the mummy; the thing is I have been thinking about this before too," Ola said, "but there are some things that I'm waiting for to fall in place, and that's why I have been turning her down since, but don't worry Ma everything will work out fine soon" As I heard this, I felt so happy. I hugged Ola tight, and we kissed; then, the woman told me to go and set the dining table for us to eat. By the time we left the woman's house that day, it was around 7:30 pm. So, Ola offered to drop me at home, and I agreed. The following Sunday, Ola called me in the morning and asked me where I would be going that day. I told him I was going nowhere that day and that I would be at home throughout. Then he asked me if I could catch up with him at one restaurant in town, and I agreed that I would. He said whenever I'm ready to come, I should let him know.

By 4:00 pm, I called Ola and told him that I was ready and that I'll be on my way now. He said no problem and that he had been at the place for some hours already. So, I left home to go and meet him. When I got to the restaurant, Ola asked me what I would like to have, but I told him that I was okay for now, that maybe before we left, I could ask for anything. "No, even if it's just a soft drink," Ola said. "No, I'm okay," I said. But Ola didn't even try to listen to me because he just left me at the table and came back with two chilled bottles of Coke. He gave one to me, and he had the other; I thanked him, and we started talking. "But Ola, why did you ask me to come and meet you here?" I asked. "You know, I've been waiting for you to ask this question," Ola said, "but anyways, there is nothing much; I just wanted to say I'm very sorry for what happened at my place the other time" "You don't have to, everything has become past, so don't bother to bring such issues up again," I said. "Alright then, no problem, but I still have something more to say" "Okay, what's that?" "You know I've been thinking maybe it's right time we get married as you have been wanting. So, I have decided to make your dream come true" As I heard this, I was very happy, but then Ola said something that changed my happiness into something else. "If we are going to plan any marriage or wedding stuff, for now, you will have to give me three months," Ola said.

"Three months again, Ola?" I asked. "Please, Odunola," he said, "it's all because of our own good. See, there are some businesses that I'm nurturing presently, these businesses are really taking money from me now, and I'm sure by three months' time, these businesses will start generating some income for me then, and we can start planning our marriage." I kept quiet for a moment. "Odunola, Odunola," he called me, but I didn't answer him. "I know this might not be what you expect, but please, let's leave it that way; it's all because of our own good," he said. "Alright, no problem, I have heard all that you have said" "Wow! Thank you so much, my love," he said as he stood up and advanced to kiss me on my forehead. Then we later talked about other things. I also asked him if he remembered that next month was my birthday, and he said yes and that he would never forget. He even asked me what I wanted as my birthday gift, but I told him anything nice.

After like two hours, we both left the place, he dropped me at my house, and he went home too. Since the last time we went to the restaurant, things were going well between us until three days before my birthday when Ola arrived at my shop unexpectedly. He told me that he had an urgent meeting in Abuja; he said he had to go because the meeting was about a business he had been longing for. He promised me that he would make sure he came back for my birthday so as not to ruin all the plans that we had for that day. I bade him farewell, and he left for Abuja. We were calling each other until the morning of my birthday when I received very bad news. That morning, as I was even worried about why I had not seen a call or message from Ola, my phone rang, and it was Ola's number. I picked up the call, but what I heard was not what I was expecting. "Hello, good morning," the voice said, "please, the person that owns this number had an accident this morning, and he has been taken to the hospital. It's from the hospital that we are calling you from" "What!" I exclaimed, "which hospital is that?" I asked the person on the other end of the call, and he told me the name of the hospital. Quickly, I just found something to wear and rushed down to the hospital. When I got to the hospital, I went to the reception to ask for Ola, and I was told that the doctor was attending to him; and I started crying because I didn't know what condition Ola was in now.

As I was roaming around in the reception, Ola's mother also arrived together with his elder sister. The mother said someone called her with Ola's number and that he had an accident that morning and that's why they have come. I told them that's what made me come to the hospital too. Ola's sister asked me If I had seen him, but I told her that they told me that the doctor was attending to him. As we were discussing this, the doctor came, and we all rushed to him and asked him about the condition of Ola. "Just be calm, he is fine, and soon you will be able to see him," the doctor said, "but first, let's go to the office." We followed the doctor to his office. Ola's mother and his sister sat on the chairs in front of the doctor's desk, and I stood listening to what the doctor had to say. "Let's give thanks to God that he was brought here on time," the doctor began, "because even though the accident was not much. Ola had some injuries on his head and on his legs, and for this reason, he has lost so much blood; if it had taken a long time before they brought him here, he would have lost so much blood, and things might have gone out of hands, but thank God, because as he arrived we have treated his wounds and the bleeding has stopped, but he needs to rest for now so that the medicines and injections we gave him can work very well. So, don't panic; your son is fine, but he is just resting for now, and when he wakes up, you will have the chance to see him." "Thank you so much, doctor," we all chorused. "And the next thing now is that you will go and prepare food for him because, when he wakes up, he will be very hungry," the doctor added. "No problem, sir, thank you very much," Ola's sister said, and we all left the doctor's office.

At this time, my mind came down a little bit but still, I wanted to see my Ola. When we got to the reception, Ola's mother said I should come with her so that we could go and prepare what Ola would eat when he woke up. I followed the woman to her house while the sister stayed at the hospital. It took us like three hours before we could return back to the hospital. When we got there, we couldn't find Ola's sister in the reception anymore. So, the mother called her to know where she was. She told her that she had been with Ola since he woke up some minutes ago, and the doctor had asked her to go and see him; she said she would come and take us to his ward shortly. This was what the woman told me when she ended the call. And truly, within just a few minutes, we saw Ola's sister coming, she signaled us to come, and we advanced in her direction. When we got to where she was standing, she turned and asked us to follow her. As we got to the ward where Ola was, I saw my Ola lying down helplessly on the bed. He was so weak, and there was a bandage wrapped around his head.

When he saw me, he just smiled, but for me, tears were just rolling down my cheeks because I couldn't just afford to lose him. I walked up to him and tried to touch him on his hand, but he screamed! I asked him what happened; he said he also got an injury in his arm, too, then he told me not to worry and that everything will be okay. We assisted him in sitting so that he could have something to eat, and then we brought out the food we had prepared for him. I felt so sorry as I was watching him eating the food slowly. After he had eaten part of the food, he said he was okay. After a while, he turned to me, where I was sitting beside his bed. "Odunola, Happy Birthday," he said as he smiled. "Thank you," I replied. "Hope I have not spoiled today for you already?" "Ola, don't worry about that for now; let's just be thankful for your life first" "I understand, but did you remember you told me you wanted something nice for your birthday?" "Yes, I do, but Ola, let's leave the birthday stuff and gift aside for now and let's focus on your own health" "Don't worry about my health; as long as I didn't die in the accident, that means I still have something to do in life, so don't worry about my health because I'll be fine" Ola said, and I told him I have heard him. Then he said he had a surprise for me and I asked him what it was.

He told me to wait, then he picked up his phone and called someone. "Yeah, you can bring the package now," he said and hung up the call. I looked at his mother and sister, and they were as surprised as I was. "Ola, what package are you ordering for now?" I asked him, "I have told you you shouldn't bother yourself about any gift for now" "Odunola, why did you just like bothering yourself on some things that are not serious. You just chill and keep watching." As he said this, we switched from the topic and started to talk about something else. The two older women also engaged themselves in a chat. After some chatting and joking, a nurse entered the room, and she came to Ola and told him that someone was at the reception that wanted to deliver a package to him. He told the nurse that he had sent for the package and that she should let the person come in. This also got the attention of the two women, as they have also stopped talking and now looking in our direction, listening to what was happening. After the nurse left the room, she came back with one person, and the person was carrying a big box in his hand. When I saw the man with the box, I thought this was a gift for me from Ola. "But Ola, I told you not to bother yourself about birthday gifts anymore," I said. "Why don't you just relax and even find out if it's a birthday gift or not," Ola said.

The person dropped the package and left, then Ola asked me to help him open the box, and I did as he said. When I opened the box, I was shocked by what I saw. I saw an engagement ring with a small note that reads WILL YOU MARRY ME? As I saw this, I looked at Ola's face, and the guy was just smiling. "Yes, Odunola, will you marry me?" Ola asked. At first, I paused because I was in great shock, and finally, I said yes. I gave him a ring, and he put it on my finger. I felt so happy, and his mother and sister also rejoiced with us. Then, Ola told me that he had arranged for the ring before he left for Abuja three days ago, and his plan was that is going to propose to me on my birthday. But he never knew that he was going to have an accident. He said as God did not let the accident be something big, so he had decided that nothing was going to change his plan, even if he had to propose to me on the hospital bed. That day, even though it started me as my worst birthday ever in my life. The action of Ola has turned that day to be the best birthday ever in my life, and for this, the memory of that day will forever live with me.

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