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I’ve been mistaken. I’m seated in a police Hilux on my way to the station. Police aren’t your friends in this country. Na werey dey embrace Police for these circle.

My blood-stained shirt still hangs on my body, a mixture actually; mine and some idiots. You won’t believe it, but it’s true. I got sacked today. I’ll head to the court tomorrow in hopes of milking Angela of some money, right after these corrupt officers milk me of mine. I got up early this morning, leaving Angela’s daughter on my bed. What a crazy night it was, watching movies all through, a movie night of some sort. There’s nothing anyone can do about our relationship. Not even Angela.

Three months and counting, Angela and I have been at each other’s necks. Threats upon threats have been trafficked my way. I wake up to missed calls, emails, and text messages. ‘Come on! Angela takes a break, will you?’ My ever-ready response to her good morning threats every working day. There’s a teenager on my bed in my one-room apartment. Everyone reminds me of this when I get to the office. I’m the guy who is having an affair with a minor. I get ill-treatment for this; I get hated for this. What gives? Who cares? It’s my life! I’ve grown a thick skin; I don’t give any thought to their disposition toward me. I come to work. I work. I finish my work. I leave the workplace. To hell with everyone, Angela, most especially.

I was out of the house by 6:00 AM. Trekked for 10 minutes to the bus stop. I’ve no car of my own; I live a very humble life. ‘It’s either this young lady is extremely stupid or indebted to me; why else would she choose a low life like me, and not to mention the age difference.’ I’ve overheard this conclusion numerous times from my colleagues. I got to the office this morning, and as always, I’m met with Angela’s disdain toward me. Two working hours later, I got a summon. ‘Yoh Freak, the boss needs you,’ said her secretary. I expected the normal interaction; yelling at each other. ‘Where’s my daughter?’ she asked as usual. ‘Where were you when she left?’ I replied as always. 

I guess my thick skin got to her this time. She lost it in her response, ‘Idiot! Where was I? You’re asking me, where were me?’ While yelling all along. ‘Shit, what did you just say?’ I laughed at her to scorn. ‘You’re fired!’ the words that broke the silence. Finally, she did it; she fired me, damning the legal consequences. Tomorrow I’ll begin to ride on these consequences; there’s some milking to be done in the coming weeks. Straight up, I packed up. Thirty minutes into trekking, I hear someone screaming from behind; I gave it no thought. Suddenly some guy beats me to the ground. It got heated, which explains the blood-stained shirt. ‘Galant, na the thief be this……,’ bleeding while he spoke.

Ehn, oga, do I know you from Adam?’ I said, confused. Apparently, I’m a low-life, advantage-taking, unemployed thief. But here’s the thing these folks don’t know. Angela was my high school sweetheart; our first attempt at sex made us parents. The only reason she kept the child was that I gave my scholarship opportunity to her, a bribe, I would say. She wanted nothing to do with Ella. She never wanted her to start with. As fate would have it, Ella is rich. She makes six figures from software development. Mama warmed up to her, but it became obvious she was after the money. Ella sticks with me now; to put it more accurately, she’s back to me. Angela rides on the ignorance of everyone to give me bad names. I’ve with me all I care for; my beautiful daughter. The same one that bailed me yesterday.

I’m coming for Angela; she’s doesn’t yet realize to what degree the shades of ugly will be. I’ll earn more bad reputation in the process. Still yet! I don’t care! To hell with everyone. To put it locally, ‘make everybody gerraout.’

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