This is a short story about anger - it's okay to be angry.

Today, I want to talk about ANGER.

It’s a strong feeling of displeasure towards someone or something, usually combined with the urge to harm. Anger is one of the many feelings in us as a living thing. Even animals get angry, too. It's totally normal to be angry. When you're hurt, you should get angry! It's ok but doesn't make any decision at the moment.

People have different ways of dealing with their anger. Some of you cry, some shout, some stamp their feet, some punch the wall. Etc when you're angry, try to control your actions or thoughts and decision; you could end up messing things up.

My main point is, Don't stop someone from venting out their frustration. When someone is angry, allow them to shout, yell, and even say whatever they want. Please allow them. Telling them not to makes their heart heavier. Venting out makes it easier for them to ease themselves. When you vent out, you feel your burden reduced. But watch what you say.


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