Animal Covered With A Human Garment

We live under a canopy of war where the pride of being a human (being) has been lost. The word human being collated every man under a unique shade, which makes us different from other creatures.

Ergo, the saddest part that is envisaged in my mind is that some human beings are not supposed to be labeled as one. Instead, they should be labeled as an animal because of their attitudes, hidden under the ligature of human beings. Thus, they are animals that only possess the shape and appearance of a human being.

The normalcy of an individual has been disrupted because of these people's vicious acts; what pondered in their minds is more dangerous than the viper's venom. Their tongues are covered with the saliva of hatred which has destroyed many future ambitions. So sad! Society believed in their fabrication tale and followed their path, not knowing they are animals covered with human skin. They are deer in the daylight but a lion in the night (nocturnal). This tentative world covers two streams that flow on the same channel but never meet together. On the borderline, it's true because some acts of human beings are inhumane while some are otherwise.  

They are never happy with their fellow man's success. Instead, they will be searching for a way to destroy their success. But one's downfall or failure will become the topic of their tongues, even gloating over it. Thus, the raison d'être of their existence is to dismantle someone's empire or kingdom of one's fortune without offending them, although your achievement increases their animus. What a proclivity attitude! Your appearance, stature, and attitude don't breed their hostility, but what causes their detestation is your SUCCESS. According to Lao Tzu, a Chinese philosopher said that "Man enemies are not demons but a human being like himself". We are falling into a bottomless pit dug by these success haters simply because we are befriending them. We confide our success to them, not knowing that they are our FIEND (enemy). Those we see as our besties may be our worst enemies. Let's be CAREFUL so that we will not be victims of their trap.

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