Another 25 Musings By Bari-ekwaadoo (contd)

ANOTHER 25 MUSINGS BY BARI-EKWAADOO (contd): If the previous post made you think about some things, read this!

26. "I don't know" is not an excuse. Opportunities will not wait for you to become aware of them. Any opportunity you have to learn something new should be maximized. No knowledge is wasted. If you have the time, attend free classes even if there are things you already know (for reinforcement purposes). Make learning a priority. You'll learn some things that you won't need to apply until years later. Knowledge is power, indeed. It may seem like a cliche, but it's the truth.

What you know can never be taken from you. Whatever you know is yours. ©️ Musings by Bari-ekwaadoo 🌹

27. What is growth without learning - about yourself, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses? Learning is an integral part of growth.

28. Human beings have played the blaming game from the beginning.

Someone is given instructions: He disobeys them and blames his wife, who blames it on a serpent. Someone has a hard time relating with people as a result of poor attitude: The blame goes to the zodiac sign. Someone engages in the evil of defrauding people: The blame goes to people who have long died, decayed, and have been used as manure or even turned to crude oil in someone's car. An incompetent leader has been elected: The blame goes to his predecessors, who are also blaming their predecessors.

29. No one cares about your intentions or the big dream you have. All the world wants to see is results. That's what people want to associate with.

30. Emotions are not reliable compasses. Don't depend on them for direction...

31. Creativity adds color to the world.

32. Because someone is vulnerable doesn't mean you should take advantage of them; because someone is weak doesn't mean you should exploit them; because someone is in need doesn't mean you should lord over them. Before we blame victims for falling into one scheme or the other, the culprits should be made to pay for their deeds. Only a truly evil person will see another human being and begin scheming on how to hurt the person.

33. A person who doesn't know he has a problem, a person who is aware of his problems but refuses to do anything about it. They'll both suffer the same fate.

34. Sometimes, "No" actually means "No." Focus on what is working and be grateful for them. Don't beat yourself over things that don't work out for you; not everything is meant to.

35. Not everything is your fault. If you've done everything (or most things) right and it's still not working, it's them, not you. It is good for us to accept responsibility, but we shouldn't forget that other people also have their own parts to play.

36. There's a difference between having money and having financial freedom. Aspire for the latter.

37. The journey of self-discovery is one that never ends. Just when you feel like you've known all there is to know about yourself; you discover another layer of yourself you were oblivious to. Keep learning, keep growing, and most importantly, enjoy the process.

38. You learn by doing. Not by sitting around or wishing you know or talking about how much you wished you know, but by doing. Learning involves taking action.

39. You cannot control everything that happens to you. You can either wallow and become bitter at how unfair life is or be like the eagle and soar in the midst of the storms.

40. Sometimes, life just happens. Not because you are a horrible person or you committed a grave offense. Know this and know peace.

41. I remember a time in my life when I felt like time was slow. Now, it's moving so fast that I'm wondering if I'll ever catch up.

42. Knowledge without corresponding action will leave you in the same spot.

43. For some, ignorance is not the problem but the drive to do the needful.

44. Normalize taking time off social media.

45. Remind yourself from time to time that everything is not your fault.

46. Trying to be different is not what makes you different. Being you. Doing you. That's what makes you different.

47. You have the ability to make sound decisions - that is why God gave you a brain.

48. Sometimes people need a break from the "Do this and God will be extremely displeased you, keep this up, and God will cut you off from His good plan, Oh God's wrath will be provoked when you do that " message and tell people the other side of what it means to be a Christian.

Sometimes people want to know that God understands their struggles, knows about their weaknesses, cares about them, and is able to comfort them when they are sad. Sometimes people just want to know that they can have a father-child relationship with God and that God is a being you can communicate with; share your thoughts, fears, and worries with. Sometimes people just want to be reminded that while God hates sin and is the Creator who is to be revered, He also understands the struggles we go through in life.

49. I think some of us overdo this "red flags" stuff. Not every "flaw" you find in a person is an indicator for you to end a relationship. I actually think it is important we see those "flaws" from time to time because they act as "gentle reminders" that we are all striving to be better and that none of us (including you) is exempt from imperfections. Don't end a good relationship because of "little flaws" that you can either help the person drop or just let go.

50. Everybody has an opinion - as they should - but not all of them should matter to you.

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