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Another Day's Adventure 😻😭

CILIA AND MAURICE'S STORY CONTINUES...Days turned into weeks and weeks to months, then eventually to years.

Cilia lived with Ma Agatha for five years, and her foster family stopped looking for her just a week after she got missing. One Christmas eve, Cilia had gone for Christmas Carol and left old Ma Agatha all alone. She came home only to meet the lifeless body of Ma Agatha. Just like any other person, Cilia wailed and mourned for her foster mother.

When the ambulance came to carry her away, they suggested that her death wasn't natural because she looked very ill and malnourished. Cilia was confused, but she knew something; Ma Agatha had been eating little, just so she (Cilia) could feed well. They had little food in recent times because she (Cilia) had fallen sick and gone through surgery. They had to sell their farmland to survive and had only been feeding on church donations since then.

Cilia felt so guilty she became angry with herself. "She wouldn't have died if I didn't come here; she was doing well," she cried as Ma Agatha's corpse left the house. It was when Ma Agatha died that Cilia discovered that she had a family. "Where had they been, all these years," Cilia wondered. Soon after her funeral, there a lawyer came. "Ma Agatha had a lawyer? Such an uneducated yet wise woman. Rest in peace, mum", pondered Cilia as the lawyer, who looked so disorganized and unprofessional, searched for materials in his huge bag.

"To my only surviving daughter and good company, I will my house and farmland. Finally, please find Maurice, and the two of you should be together". Cilia was quiet as the lawyer read out Ma Agatha's short will. "But there is no farmland anymore," Cilia said. "Well, she wrote this a year ago." Replied the lawyer as he packed his bags. Cilia wondered if he was really a lawyer. "She knew she was going to die? How the hell am I going to find Maurice?" Cilia cried. "Well, she left no clue," the lawyer replied, unruffled.

Follow for parts three and last of this story. Discover how Cilia survived. Did she find Maurice? Did they have the fairytale ending? What's the lesson to learn?

Thank you all for reading. Like and share. ❀

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