Apogee Of Human Tolerance

Is securing the bag mentality actually limiting the general growth of an entire nation, the effect of money, and why do we lack multi-billion dollar firms...

In one of the funniest scenes in Zack Snyder's Justice League, while Batman is performing the task of recruiting an all-star team to face a new threat, the Flash asks him, "what's your superpower?" "I'm rich," came the cocky reply we've come to identify with the character. Funny as it sounded, is it something to laugh about? Is money a superpower? A simple reminiscing would answer this question. In the summer of 2003, a Russian oligarch, made from scratch by Russia's hard and former KGB agent turned world leader, Vladimir Putin, Roman Abramovich took an interest in the beautiful game after watching "the phenomenal one" (Ronaldo) score an awesome hatrick for Real Madrid to eliminate Manchester United at Old Trafford, the billionaire was enamored with this sports, so he decided to acquire a club, a personal plaything to throw his controversial cash on.

He picked a West London club that was little known outside the shores of Great Britain; the blues had been fairly successful in various cup competitions during the latter end of the 20th century, winning many of these competitions; however, the big prize(s) remained elusive. After a hard-fought victory over Liverpool Fc guaranteed Champions League participation the next season, Abramovich threw his billions at the club, spending well over a hundred million pounds over the next two years and acquiring some of the hottest properties in world football, none bigger than the self-proclaimed special one Jose Mourinho (arguably the best coach in the world at the time) and with his resources behind this fancy plaything, they excelled, back-to-back English Champions and European title contenders within a few years, Abramovich had sidestepped or jump completely over the usual model for a successful football club. His plaything (Chelsea) would later become European champions twice, and by the time he was forced to sell the club, they were the most successful English team in the 21st century.

With just a few hundred million pounds, a single person suddenly revolutionized the process of English most popular sports, breaking the dominance of serial winners like Man United, Liverpool, and Arsenal. Money, it seems, does grant magical and unearthly power; however, most developed countries have tried to outsource or reduce its effect by placing human satisfaction in other endeavors; Fulfilling jobs, happy relationships, and even religion. Since in any capitalist society, the exposure of nature's unfairness is inevitably revealed, it falls on several institutions to curb the effects of this revelation, so through popular slogans (money doesn't buy happiness, etc.) and religious myths of afterlives, people can bear this engulfing shame of massive economic inequality; also, many developed countries try to ensure that through tax systems they provide adequate living amenities for the average citizens, so the envious and devastating effects of the rich and glamorous are reduced to it's the barest minimum.

However, in many underdeveloped/developing countries, this strategy is applied haphazardly or simply non-existent, which all together guarantees that the money notes gain more power and influence. In a situation where whereby, to get good healthcare, healthy feeding, and solid accommodation, you'd have to really belong to the elitists; money intrinsically becomes a symbol of desperation.

Historically, money was invented to make trading and human co-existence easier and smoother. It is sustained by a popular and general belief system that every single individual agrees upon in that particular society. Money intrinsically lacks any value to humankind; if you're lost in the Sahara without any human contact, you'd prefer a jar of water to 10 million dollars; the money intrinsically offers absolutely nothing; you can't eat it, drink it or even use it for shelter. However, once you step into a society where it is universally accepted, you become someone special with the afro mentioned amount. This lack of intrinsic value in money can be seen in various instances since its invention, the switch from cowries to gold coins, to paper money, and now to just numbers that are stored somewhere, and crypto-currency all showcase the lack of intrinsic value in this paper.

In a society plagued by unemployment, inflation, and a huge gap between the "haves" and "have-nots" that keeps widening by the day, money becomes a demigod, romanticized in popular culture and a weighing metric for judging the true value of a person. The content of character is laid aside for the size of real estate and bank account balance, and of course, with humans, it'll probably take just about anything to succeed, Theft? Check, Fraud? Check, Controversial sacrifices? Check.

This clamor to get the paper as quick as possible isn't a mystery; without this paper, most would eventually perish, thus unconsciously increasing the insecurity level of the nation at large; secondly, this rat-race for the paper denies the most creative citizens (youths) any chance of patient creation, which would ultimately generate wealth for everyone at large. Just after launching the Microsoft Office software, Bill Gates was approached by one of the biggest computer-producing companies in the world to buy exclusive rights for his new software; however, he blatantly refused and would later become the richest man on the planet, and many other developed countries celebrities and entrepreneur all have similar stories of delayed gratification, however, what they do not mention is the lack of financial pressure that is added to most developing countries to sell their creative assets and how it hampers them in the long term.

Super companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook are not possible in these countries not because they do not possess the intellectual prowess to achieve such feats but because they do not have enough financial freedom to even attempt it. (Na person wey chop, dey code) so unless you're lucky enough to have affluent parents who would guarantee you the time and comfort to attempt these great intellectual feats, it's borderline impossible to even think about it.

Finally, the possession of money, more than anything else and despite all the hypocritical statements, generally elevates normal humans to the level enjoyed by only accomplished specialists or clergymen; as worrying as this sounds, it is a fact that a person with a lot of cash isn't someone worth following, however, the opposite seems to be the case, it influences every single thing that is done in the country; from politics and political offices to the public service and the armed forces.

Most people would tolerate dehumanizing events and happenings just to feel that hard currency on their bare hands. So the government should try and reduce not just the gap between the "haves" and "have-nots" but also establish feelings of fulfillment in other spheres of life so as to limit the harsh realities of absolute capitalism. 

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