Osunlolu Oluniyi 11 months ago

Armed Beggars

The Nigerian police are supposed to be a source of security but sad to say, they are the source of insecurity as they kill the citizenry like fowls.

A 'beggar' that has a choice,
He collects money by force,
Uniforms and shoes are black,
The beret and belt are dark,
Like a widow's garment,
In her sad moment.

Real beggars have left the street,
In search of some ways to eat,
The sounds of bangers make him run,
He thinks it's the sound of a gun,
Not well equipped for his work,
Where they are needed, they shirk.

Aren't you supposed to be friends?
Why pretend, me to defend?
At me, your 'friend', your gun, you point,
You disappoint, you've been to joint,
Like snakes, shed your 'skin', black to blue,
It's due, be polite, act anew.
            © Niyi Osunlolu (2022)
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