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Aroused Secret.

After rejecting the numerous men my parents brought for me to choose from, I knew my parents were by now fed up. I understand how they feel, but it wasn't my fault...

My name is Beatrice, and I am a 29-year-old accountant. Career-wise, I am a perfect woman with a perfectly curved waist. I have a body even a woman will kill for, but I was still single! My parents were always reminding me how time was no longer on my side. 

They even went as far as fixing different dates every weekend with different men. It was becoming so frustrating. It bothers me that I am still single, I think about it all the time, but I refuse to be pressured into getting married to a man I barely know. And that is why I am very keen as to who to settle down with. When my boss told me I had a business deal to close in Jos, I wasn't very happy. I hated going on official trips because it was all work and no fun. Especially if I went alone, but I couldn't refuse my boss's order, it was promotion week, and a job well done by me will be an automatic promotion.

I wasn't ready to lose that, so I set off. I was supposed to be taken to Jos by the company's official driver, but the man had called me earlier to tell me he couldn't make it. His wife was in labor, and he had to be with her at the hospital as they welcomed their first child. I wasn't selfish enough to reprimand him; after all, it was a sensitive call, so instead, I rode by public transportation. Apart from the months, I spent at the NYSC camp; this would be the second time I was entering public transportation. And it was not a very pleasant experience. The bus was congested and very tight. I couldn't concentrate on revising the speech I wanted to present to close the business deal I was going for; it was so frustrating!

A young man sitting beside me tried to engage me in a conversation; he probably noticed how restless I was. "My name is Fredrick," he said as he stressed his hands for a handshake. I stared at him to access his suit, so clean and his beards well trimmed; his shoes could pass for a model's face mirror, too, not bad, I assessed. " My name is Beatrice; nice to meet you, handsome," I chirped in as I shook his hands vigorously. I could tell from the smile on his face that he was happy. I responded to his greetings, and soon we began talking.

He kept me entertained until we arrived, Jos. I later found out from him that he came to Nigeria for an unfinished business, and after he was done, he would go back abroad where he resided. And so, after I finished with the business deal I came for, which was successful, Frederick asked me on a date, and I accepted. After we were done eating, we lodged in a hotel and had the best fun of our lives. I was very satisfied with this handsome man, and I was certain my parents would be happy too; their daughter had finally found a husband!

I went back home after three days; my boss knew I was done with the business deal, so he insisted I come back to work. As I expected, I was promoted by my boss because of the multi-million deal I closed in Jos. Frederick and I kept in contact, our relationship continued, and I told my parents about him; they, too, were glad I had finally gotten a man.

On the day Frederick was to come to pay my bride price, things turned upside down for my family, and I will tell you how. Preparations were in high gear on the day Frederick was to come with his people to see my parents. My father had invited his friends of important status, and my mother made different meals for entertaining our guests. My dress was the most beautiful attire any lady had ever worn for her introduction party; it was specifically ordered from Turkey by Frederick. When Frederick arrived, he was welcomed into our home by the friends my father had invited.

As my parents walked into the living room and set their eyes on Frederick, they screamed, covering their mouths in awe. My mother couldn't take in the shock, and so she fainted. We rushed to revive her, and with a surprised face, I asked my father what the matter was. He then went on to tell me that my fiance, Frederick is a dead man! He continued;

"Frederick was our house boy when you were away in school. I wanted to win a political office and acquire more wealth, and they had insisted I sacrifice a living being from my household." "I couldn't sacrifice you, or my darling wife, your mother, so instead I sacrificed Frederick, our house help. I killed him with my own hands, and that was eight years ago". My father said, crying. Transfixed at the spot, I couldn't alter a word. I stared at Frederick, and he smiled back at me. So my fiance was a ghost? So, this was what he meant when he said he had unfinished business in Nigeria before he moved back abroad.

So this was the unfinished business; he had come to revenge for his death. He had come to kill my parents and probably me too. To think I thought he was my Mr. Right; I had even slept with him countless times. Truly, the evil that men do will live after them!!

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