Arrows From Home.

The Noise coming from the closed wardrobe woke me up. I am a very deep sleeper and barely wake up even when the loudest noise is made. So me waking up from this trivial one still surprises me.

I stared blankly in the direction of the wardrobe. It was midnight, and everywhere was dark, so I could barely see a thing. The Noise was becoming unbearable, but I was just too lazy to go check it out. It's probably those little Rats; I concluded as I forced myself back to sleep. I hadn't slept for even a moment when the wardrobe forcefully burst open. I could hear little sounds like cockroaches and rats running around. What could be chasing them ??

A little frightened, I took my phone and switched on the flashlight. I flashed it in the direction of the wardrobe, and what I saw made my Jaw drop. How did it get here?? Impossible!!! A Big Black Snake? In my room? This Night ?? I immediately reached for my bottle of Anointing Oil. I was about to sprinkle it on the big snake in front of me when it changed suddenly. It transformed from a snake to a Human!! "Sister Juliet!" I called out, surprised. Sister Juliet, a snake??

She looked at me with sad eyes, so mysterious and Dark. Sister Juliet wasn't Happy, and that was certain. She stared at me for some minutes as if trying to warn me of the impending doom, then she left. Not in the form of a snake this time, but in the form in which she was Murdered!!! I woke up sweating profusely; God, please, not this dream again!!! I rolled out of bed and walked to the kitchen lazily. "My would-be Bride," mummy cheered as she gave me a warm hug. She was making breakfast, smiling, and jumping around. Mummy was Happy and Excited. She has been this way since Godfrey; my finance had come to See her and daddy. He told them his intentions towards me and said he wanted to marry me since I already have his child.

Our wedding is next week, and the preparation for it is in top gear. Godfrey and his family solely sponsored almost everything; yes, they were very wealthy. "And what is my lovely bride thinking?" Mummy asked as she handed over A glass of milk to me. "I had that dream again, mummy. I am worried", I said. She hissed and returned to making breakfast. " Mummy, Why do you think she thinks she appears in my dreams? Do you think she's trying to tell me something? "I asked as I slowly walked towards her. She turned sharply and shouted. "Tell you what, Olivia? No, tell you what? You better stop overthinking and focus on your wedding that is coming up in a few days", she said loudly. I was alarmed. Why did she always act this way whenever I told her about this dream!!

"Mummy, it's disturbing. Sister Juliet has never for once appeared to me in my dream since she was Murdered two years ago; why is she now appearing to me a week before my wedding?" I said, trying to make my mom understand why I was bothered. "The living and the Dead have nothing in common, my child. Forget you ever had a Sister called Juliet. Focus on reality, on the future, and that is your wedding and your unborn child", she said comfortingly as she stroked my hair gently. I relaxed a little. Dreams aren't real. Maybe I was just overreacting. I lifted the glass of milk to my lips and took a long sip. Walking back to my room, I thought I saw a shadow run past. "Who's there?" I questioned as I walked quickly to where I saw the shadow run. I didn't see the shadow anymore, even after searching for it endlessly. Tired, I made to sit down when I saw the writings on the wall...


It was written in block letters and dripping fresh blood. Like it was written recently. I screamed, shaking my head violently... My scream must have attracted my mom and dad as they came rushing to get me. My mom saw the writings on the wall, and her face changed vehemently. She asked my dad to take me back to my room while she violently scrubbed the writings on the wall with a sponge and water. "Olivia, what is happening? You haven't been yourself these few days", daddy said as I lay on my bed. I didn't respond. I was yet to recover from what I saw. Daddy noticed I wasn't ready to talk, so he left after telling me to have some rest. I tried calling Godfrey's Number, but it has switched off. I wanted to talk to someone while at the same time being left alone. I was literally at sixes and seven. 

First, I was bothered why Sister Juliet kept appearing to me. She died two years ago, A day before her wedding. She wasn't sick; she was Murdered. Worst still, we didn't know by who; we only saw her lying on the toilet floor with her body devoid of Her "Heart ."We initially wanted to report to the police, but mummy had kicked against it. She said we shouldn't push the issue as there was nothing we could do to bring her back. I don't know why she did that, but I didn't want the general public to identify me as the sister of the girl who died a day after her wedding with her "Heart" taken from her. I rolled tirelessly on the bed. Nothing was adding up. I couldn't stop myself from worrying; it was as if my head was going to burst open.*** *** *** ***

Two days to my big day, and I am super elated. I am officially going to be a Married woman soon. Mummy wasn't left out of the preparation... she was everywhere, trying effortlessly to put everything in order. Calling the event planners and the catering department and made sure the rented Hall was still available. Godfrey was always smiling, not sparing a single moment from giving me lovely perks. Daddy arranged for the drinks and the Entertainment department, and I felt fulfilled. "Get some rest, my darling; your big day is drawing Near," Mummy said as she gently kissed me and said Good Night. I touched my now protruding tummy as I closed my eyes; this was Every woman's dream. "Olivia, Olivia, please wake up," A gentle voice called to me. Was I dreaming again?? I opened my eyes gently, and I saw her again. "Sister Juliet!" I called out, trying to reach for her hand. I saw the tears drop off her eyes as she gave me an old broken mirror. I peeped in and saw it. I saw how my sister was wiped off the earth a day before her wedding day. She wore her favorite dress, singing and staring at the wedding dress on her bed. She was happy; her wedding day was tomorrow. She went into the toilet the same moment that woman strolled into the room.

After a few screams and shouts, blood was seen flowing freely from the toilet to her room. Shortly after, the woman came out with a young girl's "Heart" in hand. But why?? Why did she do that to you?? I asked; I was already crying. My sister died a very horrible death. She took the mirror from me and gave me another one; this time, this mirror wasn't broken. I saw how the woman gave the craven image of the heart of my sister. Promising to bring back the heart of the other when it was time. An occultic woman?? How come no one knew about this!!!! My Mom. The woman who carried me in her womb for nine months killed my sister. She killed her eldest daughter a day before her wedding!! And even promised to bring another?? My caring and ever-loving Mummy! I woke up from the revelation to a Knock on the door... The door was being forced open; I was certain it was my mother; I knew I was Next!!! My mom is coming to take my "Heart" too. I was sweating profusely; I didn't know whether to jump from the window and run away or wait for my turn to be sacrificed... 

God help me!!!!!

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