As Long As Long

Stepping stones to success are as long as the terrace of Babylon...The waves that bring the good tides of fortune; Has eluded Yona;

The waves that bring the good tides of fortune
Has eluded Yona
Since his Childhood

How can he make it to the other side?
Age and time are against him now
Six scores and five
Are too long to run after these tides

Give to him the blood of the innocent
And he will use it to gain fame, name, and beauty
That he has chased honestly all his life

Three scores and five years
Serving the motherland dutifully and the drop of aftermath waters are seized by potbellied Cockroaches

Spare me the sermon
Yona will kick against the tide
And exchange blood for the ship that will carry me to the other side

Alas!! the boat is here
And at the front seat holding the rudder was his two score
and five years old daughter
Handless and bleeding from all outlets

And then he screamed
Alas!! My misfortune starts today
It's a futile adventure
Never will I enjoy the waves of
this good tides
My Daughter's blood is the fuel 

Never be in a haste 
Simply hold on to your truth
And you will never know the shackles 
Cause the pain of the shackles
Last for as long.

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