Poetical thoughts on the man-ASIWAJU BOLA AHMED TINUBU! It is a bye-pass of my reflection from the linear veins to the reality of the assertive expression. For what we said becomes a prophecy yet a mirage is what isn't clear unto our foible mind.

Isn't a buddy nor a foe,
Just don't know why,
Adore your steadfast thou,
Panic of your illicit tackling
Strewn a long time of every man,
Secret with its destiny palms.

If I debunk you left,
How will you take it?
Never off the stones of why?
Casting your rimmed glasses
Hark me as a bastard,
Whom his uncle wants to take turn,
Yet never see reason.
I see reason not roses,
Notch of the superman
Grandeur, Gangsterism.

You want to rule Nigeria,
Saying it is your turn,
Remember Turn by Turn
Isn't Turnaround mask
Of our economics woes,
Of our default refineries,
Of our decrepit classrooms
Of our falling GDP wreck
Making us Quantico table,
Where Gaari and Sugar can't
To be eaten together.
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