Asuu Strike

Between the Lecturers and the students, who suffer the strike most? Federal universities are on strike, who do you think is affected more? The students or the lecturers?

Some months after the lecturers embarked on strike, the government introduced the 'No work, No pay' policy. And that is to say; the lectures will not receive credit alerts as they have stopped performing the duties they were employed to perform. Let's not forget that some of these lecturers depend solely on their salaries. They have no other jobs that would bring income to them while they are on strike. They have families to feed, school fees to pay, house rent, clothing, and other miscellaneous to cater for as the head of the family.

Last week, I heard ASUU lost five of its members. Probably they couldn't afford their drugs and treatment and lost their lives in the process. That said, let's move to the students. The students have been at home for five months now without any form of academic activity. Some of them have even forgotten they are students. Some of them have dropped their books after expecting the strike to be called off 'soon' but were disappointed.

Some of them have gone to acquire skills or even engaged in paying Jobs now. Seven days a week, but they don't open their school books for up to three days. Why should they? When do they now have to concentrate more on their Jobs? Some students have even deleted the PDFs saved on their phones. All these and many more. Let's not forget that when this strike is called off and the students go back to school, they 'may' not be taught the previous work they should have done. The 'considerate' lecturers may revise previous work, and the others may 'assume' you have been reading at home.

Then in less than a month, Tests and Examinations have begun. Students are trying to fill their brains with useful information that they would be fortunate to remember and put down in the examination halls. And so, the students only read not to gain knowledge about that particular course but to pass that particular course. A month later, they may not even remember all that they have read. Is this the motive of school? Also, what about students living off campus? They have stayed out of their hostels for five months and will still have to pay their rents because the ASUU strike is not the Landlords business. So, back to the question, Who is more affected by the ASUU strike? The Students or the Lecturers?

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