Attention Is An Irreplaceable Need Of A Child

"My dog gets more attention. Dad said it was because the dog can't talk. So, I stopped talking"

The above statement was made by a child. Attention is one thing a child desires. He can do anything to get it. Some yell and even make unnecessary demands from you to get your attention because they feel you forget them. Some intentionally annoy you to get your attention.

A child said, "when l annoy my mum, it is because I want her attention. I don't get it any other way ". They can choose to misbehave just to get your attention. You tell them you are busy, yet you have the time to call or text your friends; why not tell them the truth, that you are just avoiding them?

Some wish they are as important as your phone because you are not busy when it comes to operating your phone but busy when it comes to what concerns them. Insufficient or lack of attention to a child can make him begin to consider committing suicide.

As small as saying good night to a child may be, he desires it so much. Giving that child a present can not be equated to your presence. Attention affects every aspect of a child's life. That child under your care, whether as a parent or a caregiver, needs your attention; please give it without reserve.

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