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August Visitor

Reminiscing on past love...I've been on a lane to the past_; I miss you; I wish you would die too;

I've been on a lane to the past_
I miss you;
I wish you would die too;
Not just in my heart but in reality,
Maybe I'll mourn your loss twice,
Maybe I'll live with one.

I've been on a lane to the past_
I feel you;
I wish you would lie too;
Not just to me but to yourself,
Maybe I'll believe something about you,
Maybe I'll believe what's true.

I've been listening to 'Ambientalists.'
I've been listening to his 'Mysteries unfold.'
Same season of my nostalgia,
Same season I saw 2018 again.
I now know only the weak hate.
I now know only strong love.

I played 'Oscuro's, hold you down'_
The memories hunt me down.
Please keep lying; that's what I like to hear,
I don't want you to ever tell the truth,
It doesn't suit you.
Beautiful lies that keep me rooted.

Mr. August.
The 3rd time was not in 2018_
It was in 2020
It was the last time I thought_
But now, on a lane to the past,
I miss you.

I wish you would die,
In my heart, in my mind, and memories.
I wish your death would be a reality,
That the existence of you died in me.
Maybe when you eventually die,
It would be dying twice.

I'll mourn your loss,
I'll mourn you twice.
Please die in August,
I beg you to die, so I'll be able to live out every august 3rd in peace.
I'll miss you;

But please 
I don't want to feel you anymore.
I'm surprised you came back but not in August this time around.
I feel you.
Are you OK?
Do you want to send me a message?

I felt your presence so hard.
I closed my eyes and saw your diastema.
Did I tell you I met someone else with Diastema?
But he was not you_ he was just a foolery of your sinister nature.
I racked my mind and heard the lies in your voice.
Just like Ambientalist told with vocals;
You are a 'mystery unfolding.'

But there's nothing, August,
About you.
Stop visiting me;
In my memories,
Allow me to live in the lie I believed.
You painted Paradise 5 August Ago.
But they were all lies.
You were the 'August visitor' I never expected, and yet you don't want to leave.

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