Avoid Living An Unlived Life

This article explains what an unlived life is and how to avoid it.

Over the years, I've been struggling for my life, trying to live up to society and mum's expectations, accepting anything that life throws at me instead of following my passions, and deciding what I really want for myself and what really makes me happy. But somehow, I discovered along the line that I have another life with me. It's called AN UNLIVED LIFE.

What is an unlived life? An unlived life is the other life expected of you to live, but you neglected it for another life you're not satisfied with. Not because you're not aware of it but because you keep ignoring your inner calling.

Many of us have two different lives within us, the life we live and the unlived one. If the life you are currently living is not the type of life you really want, definitely, there is an unlived life within you. Think about an architect who doesn't design, A speaker who doesn't speak, A tailor who doesn't sew, A writer who doesn't write, A vocalist who doesn't sing, and every other you might think of are all living unlived Lives. While having an unlived life within you will never make you happy, it will also endanger you in fulfilling your purpose in life; it will take you far away from realizing your dream. And what is the essence of life without a purpose? What is the essence of life without a dream?

Caveat: Dreams often take longer to come true than you think.

Nevertheless, never give up on your dreams. Living the life you really want, on the other hand, will make you understand what you want for yourself and what you want out of life. Avoiding an unlived life will make success easier for you and will make happiness your darling. There is nothing as bad as living to fulfill someone else's purpose; it always leads to one thing: depression.

To avoid living an unlived life, you need to discover your purpose and understand what you're passionate about. Discovering one's purpose is very simple. Just follow your inner calling, and you'll hear all you need to hear within you. The truth about this is that no one else can hear what your inner calling is calling you to do; only you and you can listen to it! Have you ever wondered why you're here? Have you ever wondered why God created you in this spherical world? God doesn't create you to worship him alone. He also created you to make a difference. I have my WHY for existing on earth, likewise you. I discovered that right from a kid, but while growing up, life got other plans for me, making me neglect my passions and accept whatever life threw at me. As a result of this, I have an unlived life within me. Avoiding an unlived life is beyond doing what you are good at; it's beyond working for a paycheck. It's discovering one's purposes and following one's passions or inner callings. Many people have neglected their inner callings for a career they are not happy about, hoping that it would lead to something great someday. But they failed to understand that working for passion outweighs working for a paycheck. If you want happiness in life and want to be free from depression and life burdens, you ought to follow your inner callings and start living the unlived life in you. You need to kill resistance before resistance kills you if you want happiness in life. That is when you can hear your inner calling.

Start living your unlived life; start making a difference!

©Titilope Yusuf

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