Being awkward is the new Normal. A short creative work that tweaks on the concept of swimming against the tide and how to make the most of being different.

We often tend to shy away from the words "Weird, Awkward, Different." Nobody likes to be singled out. A man, by nature, is a social animal; we thrive hugely on companionship, relationships, communication, and interactions, name it! We simply cannot function well without mixing with others. Hence, we avoid anything that would single us out, like a polka dot on a white sheet, with dexterity.

We often hear the phrase, 'No man is an Island; this solidifies our basal instinct of desiring a connection with fellow humans. Mental health relies heavily on interaction to enhance human wellbeing. My experience in life has proven this to be true. As a new Mom, Surviving postpartum was possible due to human interaction, companionship, and care. Once I became isolated, postpartum depression, also known as Baby blues, kicked in with full force.

Another instinct of man includes conformity, a sense of belonging. It is like second nature to humans to function well in a group where similar objectives are upheld, and benefits are enjoyed. We all like being accepted. We do not function well in hostility; we embrace hospitality without second thoughts. Bandwagon syndrome is just a normal phenomenon, and when you see yourself gearing towards such, don't beat yourself up; it's perfectly human!

Due to diverse factors such as ethnicity, genetic mutation, environmental factors, and what have you, humans vary in physiology, psychology, identity, and a whole bunch of things that make everyone different. People are sometimes different, not by choice but by nature.

We have Albinos, midgets, the deaf, the dumb, and the physically challenged. These people always face challenges of being easily singled out wherever they are and thus feel awkward. It is very important to know that they are normal humans but on a different spectrum and to treat them as normal humans. They love everything a normal human loves, and they value respect too. Even if they feel awkward and show love, they will thrive seamlessly and live productive lives.

Other humans who boldly choose to be queer or weird in their own way own it up, and they thrive through the challenges of their own choices. Some people are actually different in the way they think and reason. Imaginations and mental imagery are powerful elements that vary from person to person. Some think in abstract terms, while others are surrealists per se. There is beauty in variety, in fact. In all, Be you. Do you. If you are weird, you are special, unique, and you are just you. Explore yourself and find strength in what makes you different or weird. No human has the same fingerprint. We are all unique. So be awkward, be you.

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