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Bambi Story-how I Met The Love Of My Life (chapter 1)

BAMBI STORY-HOW I MET THE LOVE OF MY LIFE (CHAPTER 1): The African Love story of finding love. Get the full story from...DORIME

As usual, I woke up to the sound of my neighbor's loud music. That dude was always doing that- disturbing everyone with noise every morning like we were part of his problems. We've all complained about it to the landlord, but he couldn't do anything about it. He was also tired of coming to the compound to talk about the same thing over and over. That faithful morning, I got fed up and decided to go confront him. Wait .... Hold up. I didn't introduce myself! My name is Damian. I'm a computer engineer and a writer. I live somewhere in the southern part of Nigeria. However, I'm not a Nigerian. I just cannot explain how I ended up here. "Bro ... Bro," I screamed at the top of my voice as I banged on my neighbor's door. The music was too loud; he could barely hear the knock on his door. I thought I was the only one who got fed up. Others also came out and were ready to throw him out if he didn't respect everyone.

Together, we banged the door so hard. "Una wan break my door? Who be that? " He finally came to open the door. The moment he did, the volume went higher.🎵 "Breakfast na national cake, e go touch everybody. E don touch my guy! I dey wait for my turn o" 🎶🎵 That was the song he was playing that morning, on repeat. A young, muscular, vibrant guy stepped out with tears rolling down his eyes. The second we saw him, we all forgot we were there to confront him and started sympathizing with him. "Nedu wetin happen?" a neighbor asked. Nedu could not hold back his tears, "Nothing... I just no well," He said. "You no well? Na en make u dey play this loud music? Tell us, wetin do u?" You don't need to be told; he has just been served his Breakfast. Crazy things that keep happening in this country. Nigerians now have a national anthem for it.

"Cynthia...Ah, Cynthia... I don't know what I did wrong o. She broke up with me" I've never seen a man cry like that before. I guess the Breakfast was either really hot or too cold for him. "Ehyaaa sorry," "Ahh na wa o. Girls eh," "What do girls really want?", "Na Mumu dey love," "Mumu man, you mate dey find money, you dey follow woman," "if I love eh, make I bend." Those were different statements coming from all angles around me. Those neighbors really have bad mouths. "Bro takes it easy, eh" I finally said something. "I'm sorry for the loud music. I go reduce am now," he said. I went back inside. Everyone also retired to their apartment. "When he dey shines teeth with en babe, dey buy things; dey knack her... The werey no tell anybody o. Na now en wan dey disturb us with a stupid cry. He-goat" That came from a pained lady living in the "boys quarter" part of the house. Chioma took everything personally. l did not understand why she was so pained and happy that Nedu got served.

Me: Chioma, why are you like this?

Chioma: wo, leave me o. When I was giving him the green light, he was always snubbing me. Dem never breaks en heart sef; dem go soon break en head.

Me: oh, oh, so because he doesn't like you, you now start hating him. U be bucket!

Chioma: mtcheww. I went back inside to dress up for work. Breakfast or lunch wasn't my problem.

I've been single all my life, so I couldn't relate to whatever was happening. Also, I signed an agreement with my destiny not to include love in our pursuit, no matter what. I was not ready to be broken.*** I know I said I'm a computer engineer. Well, I was actually just an apprentice. I was learning how to fix computers. That day I got to the office, and like every other day, I always prayed for the time to move fast, so I could return home, to sleep.

While my boss was away to get some parts for a customer's laptop, I turned on my data and went online to catch a small cruise and stir violence. I made a post I thought was funny- it was funny, actually. Then a lady commented, and I replied to her. She replied to my reply, and I also replied to her reply to my reply. She was vibing well. So, I rushed to her profile to learn more about her. "Omo, she's close by o," I said to myself as I smiled and rushed into her dm. I quietly dropped Hi for her, hoping she'd reply immediately, but she didn't. "Mtcheww, she's one of these kids using social media," I concluded and went offline. Later that day, I returned online to continue from where I stopped. Lo and behold, she had replied with "Hello dear."


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