Like a Sherlock; Let me unearth; The secret lock; To your heart; To Preserve it; Like the Egyptian Mummy;

Like a Sherlock
Let me unearth
The secret lock 
To your heart
To Preserve it 
Like the Egyptian Mummy

Let me wrap it
With my heart 
As a befitting attire
To never let you cold
Nor too hot to behold

Let me upon your forehead
Gaze for an aeon, and ahead
For forever my heartbeat
For you shall beat
And all the candles for you, lit

Let my body adorn
Yours like a newborn
Sighted for the first
Time by well-meaning guest
With so much to bequest 

Let me upon
Your call be an answer
Your expenses, financer
Your wish, dancer
And upon your plans, influencer

Let me to you, speak freely
As I think you queenly
Today and forever sincerely
For I am loving you dearly
And in all-state, fervently

Let everything about us be like a rose
Sprouting naturally, without a pause
Being equals without a boss
Knowing that this life is not a rose
And even if it were, roses have thorns

Let me be
And let you be
Let me protect you like the bee do a queen bee
For you are highly sacred to be a banshee
So, tell me; are we ever going to be?

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