Bars I Can't Reach

Why are the expectations so high?; Why is the bar set so high it's literally a blur; I'm often weighed down by how much I expect from myself;

Why are the expectations so high?
Why is the bar set so high it's literally a blur.
I'm often weighed down by how much I expect from myself. 
Stuck between the feelings of "you've done well, take a rest!" 
And "you've not done nearly enough, push on!"
I'm trying so hard to reach the target but I'm failing so badly. 
My thoughts get dark. I'd rather distract myself than think about the future. 
I noticed that most times, 
I've done my best but it's like nature is deliberately getting in the way. 
I'm not perfect. Hell! I'm a far cry from that. 
And knowing that no matter how hard I try, I never hit the mark.
Maybe the standards were set too high from the start. 
Maybe I got overambitious and unrealistic. 
Now I'm searching for the things I'm yet to achieve ignoring the fact that I've come this far.
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