Basis Of Our Current Day Politics; Tribal/regional Based, Religious Based And Personal Interest.

What contemporary politics revolves around...It's no new thing that in Nigeria politics, one's tribe, religion, and personal interest are the major factors that facilitate the political system, which includes election.mIn an election, the masses tend to choose their preferred candidate on either of these three factors I have highlighted above. I will like to highlight, based on my perception, how these factors affect our choices.

  1. Tribal/Regional Based: Man is by nature a political animal and craves to hold power; as such, in a political race, every tribe, group, or region would love to enjoy the favor of having their candidate in power as it is believed to be beneficial in either infrastructure, economically and in human capital development to the tribe or region that holds the mantle of power.
  2. Religion: In the case of religion, I will say it's not really the benefits that are considered here but the sense of having a member of one's religion in power. It has been seen to be satisfactory to a man if a member of his religion is in power. He believes his religion has been recognized and represented.
  3. Personal Interest: This factor does not consider the first two factors while making its decision. This factor tends to choose the most favorite amongst all regardless of the two first factors. It is driven by what the individual tends to gain in the cause of the race.

In the present Kogi Guber electoral bid which various parties' primary elections have been concluded, we have seen how these three points of mine have been shown by various individuals. As they support and canvas their candidates around the streets and the nooks and crannies of social media.

It's basically politics for one to choose a candidate that best satisfies his/her interest.

Above all, I pray that Kogi gets the leader she deserves at this race's end.

NB: Let's choose and vote wisely.



©️ Uthman Umar Ojonugwa

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