Bbnaija Housemate Maria Refutes Snatching Anyone's Husband

In this article, BBNaija's Housemate Maria claims of snatching anyone's husband. Seat tight and read to the end!!

Maria Benjamin Chike, a previous Big Brother Naija housemate, has denied allegations that she grabs individuals' companions. In a progression of tweets, the housemate guaranteed that she had stayed silent about the circumstance keeping in mind the people involved. Maria invalidated claims that she had also laid down with wedded men, including a priest.

She expressed, "My Dear Nigerians, I comprehend we live in such a two-faced world, and everybody is a holy person except if you're in the public eye, then your shi* smells the most. I revere marriage and wish everyone in a HAPPY marriage only karma; I love and regard the possibility of one man to one lady."

She further expressed in her tweet, "I will address this once and just this once. I've hushed up in general spouse snatcher issue. I demolished no home. My quietness is for the best of countless individuals included. That I haven't said, my piece doesn't make me feeble. I'm regarding such countless individuals included and their protection.

Furthermore, for the gossipy tidbits about me laying down with a few married men, including a minister, WE both snickered at it cause we, in a real sense, inhale each other's air all day, every day, and no space for contemptibility." She kept on composing, "When and assuming I at any point begin doing "runs" not that I have any expectations of this or knock anybody off their hustle yet my man does care for all of us are likewise a lot of, OK to take care of me, and I work extremely hard to care for myself. Furthermore, assuming that I at any point hack breakfast, I'll cleave it with frozen yogurt."

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