Be A Real Man In Your Marriage

You're a real man in your marriage...I was sleeping next to my wife when I got a notification from Facebook.

I stood up to check; it was a friend request from a lady. I decided to go through her profile to know who she was. Finally, I found out that it was my old time schoolmate. I accepted her friend request, and I sent her a message "Hello" since she was still online. She replied, "Hi, I heard you are married with kids" I responded, "Yes," she said, I really love you, and I'm willing to do whatever it takes just to be part of your life."

Hmmm, I quickly closed the chat to make sure my wife was sleeping. I left the bed and sat on the chair that was in my bedroom. I looked at my wife; she was deeply sleeping after a busy and exhausted day from work and house chores. As I was still looking at her, something came into my mind. "This woman doesn't deserve to be cheated on; look at how safe and comfortable she's sleeping in our bedroom. She really trusted me so much that I couldn't hurt her," I started thinking, " she left her family, her caring mother, her dad, who at all times was providing almost everything she needed, and her siblings, who always brightened her day and joined me in my one bedroom apartment leaving her dad's mansion.

All these thoughts and more were driving me crazy. Then I asked myself, "how can I do this wickedness to this innocent woman?" So I hurriedly picked up my phone and hit the "BLOCK" button. I turned to my wife, and I walked straight to the bed and cuddled her, and she adjusted herself to accommodate me. I can't afford to lose her trust or make her cry. NEVER!

I was able to do that because I am a "Real" man. Real men don't cheat on their wives. Real men don't make their wives cry. Real men don't make their wives regret Marrying them. Real men value their wives more than any other woman.

Be the "Man," the "Real Man." Love your wife. Never cheat.


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