Be Bold Enough Through The Pain And Hurt

When life spits its venom on your face, don't let that blinds you. I know you can withstand anything the world will continue to throw at you. Follow the paths you wish to take, don't allow anyone to steal your joy nor lead you astray.

There's always a light at the end of the tunnel you used to hear, but now the end of the tunnel is yet to be seen not to talk of the light. The tunnel keeps maintaining distance from you, yet you strive arduously with unrelenting efforts just to bring the light out of the darkness it hides. There's always a spring after each fall, you need not lie down blaming yourself for your reckless life, but instead learn to fly like an eagle, to project your voice like a bell and blow like a breeze through the air. How long will you live inside that cage like a bat, while you have all it takes to open a new page and make the rest of your lives sublime, I mean people will be delighted to read, learn, and be inspired by it. 

You keep crying to the sky for the clouds to rain drops of comfort while you're the one holding yourself back. You keep paying attention to all that people say about you when you can feign not to hear them by paying deaf ears to whatever they might say. Don't let their words make you pine. Always keep in mind that your life is yours to shape, you must find the courage to claim it, or else it will pass you by unaware. Learn to run your race at your own pace, they might split dirt on your face, just to put you to disgrace. They will do everything just to displace you, but you have to brace up dude, use that as a ladder to climb to the apex. 

Listening not to their words, for they will only push you to where they can't go themselves. They only want to see your downfall, they want you to always knock at their door before your comfort can be assuaged. Be content with the little you have, always allow gratitude and grace to beam in your face. Don't put yourself in a hard position by trying to please everyone. What you need is to be part of the world, by trudging hard to win your battle against yourself, not to carry the weight of the world inside of you. 

And to avoid the negative words of theirs to stick to your body like gum, then you need to gird up and be brave, there isn't any reason you should not. And I suppose it's right that man should know, by Nature's laws, the proper way to labor, to earn, to fight, and to, like Noah, steer his people out of Egypt and to a haven. The joys, the cares, and the halos that surround it won't make you regret why you suffer this much to climb up to the peak. Why wear dolor as a necklace and poverty as a garment when you have healing in your feet and possess all it takes to let the hidden springs flow and the blades of grasses grow. Seeing you for the first time, I see in you tremendous potential, I saw your star shining bright side by side with the moon. Is it now that the ladder is just a few walks away from you that you want to quit?.

Remember, that you live once so live it with grace, you need to find yourself and explore. Be ready to go beyond every limitation, you must advance and go unheeded as the stream that wanders by the hill woodside to the blue mountain and beyond. That you're born from a poor background doesn't imply that you should relegate yourself to the ground. Remember, that you're like a moon in your galaxy, you're what all your family members are looking up to, you're their silhouette of hope, and they're all anticipating your success because they had the belief since day one that you're their Messiah sent from God above. Will you now disappoint them? Will you let their high hope fall like ripe pawpaw? I know you won't let this happen. They all believe in you and keep praying for your success, even though your enemies outnumber your well-wishers. Don't disappoint those well-wishers that are expecting you to aromatize their air and turn it into spring.

Why wallow in bleak despair while you possess your infinite untapped potential, feeling despair might blind your sight and you might eventually lose the fight. You need to cheer yourself up and not lie stricken. Allow not your mind to be clouded with the desolation of the blinding days. Look forward and think not of the past, coz holding on to the past will only lead you astray. Is it that you need someone to tell you that you need to work on your strength and start a new page? Don't you think it's easier to release the burden and fling it away?. You're still looking at the question with a pitying expression?. Yes, it's easier to release the burden and fling it away. All you need is to do away with that procrastinating attitude of yours, be bold enough through the pain and hurt, and match your mind against your Fate. Show the world all your worth, but to do this, you need to start from somewhere as winning starts with the beginning.

Always get up in the morning determined with the intention of seizing the day to get the utmost out of each twenty-four hours. With your heart believe that you'll soon find relief. Although, not all that men desire do they obtain, try you should as no harm in trying. Wake up at night unbeknown and pray to your Lord alone. Pray to the Lord to guide you on your unstable way, chase the darkness of your mind away, and let you shine like the morning ray. 

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