Be In Charge

This article is for all who have felt being controlled by others and has give people chance to determine how their life goes.

I was less busy when I sighted a nail and magnet on a table; I picked them up and decided to play with them for a while. I placed the nail on the table and the magnet beneath; I controlled the nail's direction with the magnet. When I move the magnet to the right, the nail follows, and when I move the magnet to the left, the nail also moves in that same direction. At a point, I started laughing at my jobless act.😄 Not quite long, something dropped in my mind. 

You see, many have allowed themselves to be controlled by one thing or the other, some of which are caused by inferiority complex, fear, trying to fit in, please humans, and other factors as well. Some persons are like that nail placed above a magnet, but because they lack self-confidence and fail to understand their position and self-worth, they end up being controlled by an uninvited life director. 

One thing is existing, and another thing is knowing your purpose and self-worth. When you allow people to control and use you to the extent you can't speak up any longer and be yourself, then your potential is at risk. Carelessness births unpermitted usage, and unpermitted usage results in wastage of resources. Any time you allow someone to negatively influence the way you think, feel, or behave, you give them power over you. Sometimes it's subtle. Trying to change the way you act around certain people because you want to please them doesn't impact your life.

To take control of your life, you must understand that life requires working through multiple challenges, including your own perceptions, building strong confidence, and strictly taking action. For you to get more control over your life. You must, 

▪️Cultivate good character traits. You will gain more control over your life when you improve beneficial character traits and virtues. This is because having these traits will encourage you to obtain your goals and take on other qualities that you want. Good traits to work on for this purpose are courage, temperance, wisdom, and self-discipline.

▪️ Take yourself the way you are.

The first step to succeeding in anything is to know and accept your strengths and weakness. Show compassion for yourself, and accept not only the good but the bad too. Always strive to improve the things you don't like or that you struggle with.

▪️Be vision oriented.

When I feel like I have no control over my life anymore, I take a step back to reconnect with my vision. Visualization is similar to meditation. Instead of emptying or shattering the thoughts in your mind, you fill it with the experience of what you want your life to become or look like.  

The sweetest part of my jobless act is,

Immediately after I got the nail lifted, the magnet fell.😄

Moral lesson

▪️When you get some sense and know who you are, your manipulators lose power over you.

Stay phenomenon.


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