Naomi 1 year ago

Beauty From Ashes

Would you tell a loved one a secret, that's capable of making them run away from you?

Priscilla stared in the mirror with a smile on her lips. She looked at her reflection, and just couldn't help but breathe the fresh air of relief. It was today, her day. Rose and Jaclyn helped her with her hair, they were her best friends, and they wanted to make her look beautiful on her special day. "Priscilla, make sure to remove those things from your face before you come out", Priscilla's Mom said from the other side of the room. Priscilla rolled her eyes as if fighting the urge to respond to her mother.

She wasn't going to remove it, this was who she was, and anyone who wanted her should love her for it. Rose and Jaclyn finished with her hair and moved to her makeup, shortly after they were done and ready to leave. " It would be best if you remove them," Rose said silently as she gathered her stuff into her bag. "I told him about it; he just hasn't seen me with it," Priscilla insisted. " Why does it have to be now of all days?" Jaclyn chipped in. Priscilla decided to ignore them. It was her wedding day today, and she wasn't going to let anyone spoil her mood. She had been a lady single at Forty-two until Malik came around. Not that she wasn't beautiful, but because they all didn't like the things on her face. Maybe it made them scared or intimidated, whatever the reason was, it had made Priscilla sad. She would weep all day and blame God for spoiling her beauty. 

Her mother and friends helped her overcome all her sadness by telling her to love and accept herself the way she was. And that is what she has done. She had told Malik her fiance about it and he didn't have a problem with it, just that he had never seen her with it. On all their dates, she always removed them, but not today. She wanted him to see her for who she was, better to do so now, than do it later when they were already married she reasoned. Shortly after they arrived at the church, it was time for her and Malik her fiance to exchange their vows. 

The church was filled to the brim, everyone had come to witness the solemnization of the woman who still wasn't married at the age of Forty-two. Priscilla had invited her friends from around the world to her church wedding. She even invited her ex-suitors who rejected her because of the things on her face. The church was filled with "Awwnn" as the couples exchanged their vows, and the emotions in the air were felt as some youths even shouted the "God When" slogan. Soon, it was time to kiss the bride, which required the groom to lift the veil off the bride's face. Priscilla shivered; she was nervous as she feared what Malik's reactions would be. Soon her fears were confirmed! "You have beards?", Malik her fiance asked in surprise. Even when Priscilla told him that she suffered from 'Hirsutism', he had never seen her with them. He was surprised to see the thick beards on her sidelines and under her chin; she looked like a man no doubt! Hirsutism is a situation whereby hair appears in strange parts of a woman's body. This hair could either appear on their face, chest, inner thighs or back.

Some Women develop excessive body or facial hair due to higher than normal levels of androgens including testosterone. All females produce Androgens, but the levels typically remain low. The crowd went into an uproar when Malik refused to say a word, he just stood there facing Priscilla, mouth open wide. Priscilla looked around the church, tears following freely down her cheeks as she comprehended the embarrassment and humiliation. She made to run out of the Church, but Malik grabbed her and kissed her deeply causing another uproar in the Church. " Till death do us part," Malik said as he broke the kiss. Tears continuously followed from Priscilla's eyes as she nodded her head, "Till death do us part," she replied. The crowd cheered on out of excitement and happiness. Malik was in love with Priscilla, and that was all that mattered. As they danced out of the Church hand in hand, Simi's music was heard playing in the background. " My brother makes you love yourself ooo, because person when wan love you, go love you die ooo", ......


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